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  • How to pick stocks for investment in India - a beginners guide
  • The ultimate goal of stocks-investing you need to know
  • Why You Should Focus On Improving Your Dividend Income
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    6 Things to analyze while investing in Indian stocks

    Published : July 26, 2018

    Investing in Indian stocks is rewarding only when you choose stocks properly. Choosing a stock that may fetch a handsome return in future. Further, it is completely dependent on how well you understand the business. The business whose stocks you plan to buy shares in for your own portfolio. You nee...

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    Should you own derivative instruments in your investment portfolio

    Should you own derivative instruments in your investment portfolio?

    Published : June 19, 2019

    Derivative instruments are tools to deal with future prospects of a financial instrument. Not all financial instruments have their derivative counterpart. However, besides mitigating future’s holding risks, one trade in derivative to speculation. Derivative instruments are financial products. Th...

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    What you need to know about capital market structure in india_

    What you need to know on capital market structure in India?

    Published : May 26, 2019

    The capital market structure is a layer of the financial system. Here buyers and sellers interact for dealing in financial securities. In fact, the capital market is sub-part of a financial system. The other part of the financial system is the money market. In fact, the capital market structure prov...

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    Penny stocks or multibagger stocks - Which one should you own

    Penny stocks or multibagger stocks – Which one should you own?

    Published : March 31, 2018

    Multibagger stocks with strong fundamentals are hard to find. But it is not impossible to get one for our portfolio. Even penny stocks have the chances to become multibagger stocks.   Everything which is cheap is not necessarily bad. And everything which is costly is also not good. Similar is ...

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    Market intelligence for non-intelligent investors - 10 basic rules of investing

    Market intelligence for non-intelligent investors – 10 basic rules of investing

    Published : March 14, 2018

    Market intelligence for non-intelligent investors is the topic which I was considering to address since long. This is not because I am the most competent person to discuss the subject matter. But because when I talk even to someone with the domain knowledge, they also have lots of confusion when it ...

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    10 points to know before investing in stocks - A guide for beginners - stocks investing

    10 points to know before investing in stocks

    Published : February 23, 2018

    Stocks investing is risky, if you do it blindly. Investing itself by no means a simple process. And for stock investing you need countless considerations and have to manage infinite risks. It is an infinite risk because various sources of risk involved when it comes to investment in a stock. Further...

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    Your stock market investment strategy in LTCG era - Long term capital gain tax

    Your stock market investment strategy in LTCG era

    Published : February 17, 2018

    LTCG, the abbreviation for long-term capital gain on sale of equity stocks is back. Short-term capital gain already exists. It simply means that as an investor to stock market you need to pay tax once you get in. This is irrespective of the duration of your holdings. However, the tax rate differs in...

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    Preference share - Look for which type is for your portfolio

    Preference share – Look for which type is for your portfolio

    Published : September 26, 2017

    Preference shares refer to ownership in a listed company that bears higher right on assets and profits than common stock. Also, if you hold preferred shares you will receive the dividend before common shareholders. However, this class of shares does not bring voting powers. What do you mean by pre...

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    Learn BSE Stock Classification – A, B, T, S TS & Z

    Learn stock classification before entering Indian stock market

    Published : June 5, 2019

    Stock classification is the process of grouping stocks for ease of understanding. In India both BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange) classifies stocks. More or less the classification of stocks is similar on both platforms. This stock classification was done to handle the s...

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    Introduction to Derivative Market

    Introduction to the derivative market in India for beginners

    Published : May 31, 2019

    Derivatives are tradable products whose price is based upon another market. Derivatives are security, whose value based upon other more basic underlying variables. In recent years, derivative security has become increasingly important in the finance field. So it is important to know about the deriva...

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