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  • Factors to consider before investing in NFOs.

    Published : May 21, 2024

    The term NFO can be new for most of the investors as the world of investing can have unfamiliar terms. New fund offer also known as NFO is the new fund of the mutual funds which is launched by fund houses. NFO mutual funds ...

  • Equity

    What is SIP in stocks and Is it worth it?

    Published : May 16, 2024

    Stock market is known for wealth creation, but for a beginner it might be a daunting affair. The prices fluctuate now and then as the market moves. Choosing the right company becomes a task as there’s a plethora of options. And the only fear the traders have is making the wro...

  • Equity

    stop loss

    How can stop loss improve your trading returns?

    Published : March 22, 2024

    Even the most profitable trades can result in terrible losses for most of the stock traders. Trading is all fun and beneficial until one starts making losses due to the ever-changing market conditions. Hence all traders must keep an...

  • Equity

    Why Algo Trading

    Why is Algo Trading becoming popular?

    Published : March 15, 2024

    The two most prominent methods of trading used in stock markets are manual trading and algo trading. Over the years algo trading has significantly gained popularity in the market. As it undoubtedly provides accuracy while trading and also implements faster ...

  • Equity

    What is Volatility?

    Published : July 15, 2021

    It is a measure of the rate of changes in the price of the underlying stock over time. It shows the level of risk linked with the price changes of the underlying stock. Investors and traders calculate the volatility of underlying to check past changes in the prices to predict t...

  • F & O

    5 Option Trading Strategies You Should Know

    Published : July 8, 2021

    Most of the traders, especially the ones new to trading, jump directly into option trading without understanding the various strategies available to them. Many option trading strategies, when cautiously put to use, can help in both ...

  • Commodities

    Role of Commodity Market

    What Role Does Commodity Market Play in India

    Published : June 10, 2021

    The Indian commodity market and the commodities trading have existed for years now in the country. However, officially the exchange-traded mechanism in India started somewhere around 2003. Despite various issues, there is a viewing and trading platform for commodities in India....

  • Global Markets

    US Economic Data & its impact

    Top 5 US Economic Data to Watch

    Published : April 22, 2021

    Unites States (US) economy is the largest economy in terms of nominal Growth Domestic Products (GDP). It also holds top place in terms of net wealth among all and second largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). Its currency, US dollar, is the most used currency in global trans...

  • Global Markets

    US Bond Yield and It's Impact

    US Bond Yields and its Impact on Indian Stock Market

    Published : April 3, 2021

    A yield is a number that indicates the anticipated return you get on a bond. It is represented in percentage form for instance a 7% yield means the investment averages a 7% return each year. The main function of bond yield is to have an informed decision about which bond to buy...

  • Commodities

    Online Commodity Trading Advantages

    Apprehending the Concept of Online Commodity Trading

    Published : March 31, 2021

    By now we all know that trading in commodity is an activity that involves buying and selling or trading and investing in commodities. Unlike stock trading, where a trader buys and sells the stocks, trading in commodities is the one where buying and selling of commodities takes ...

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