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  • 3 Indian Stocks for portfolio stability in 2017 and beyond
  • 5 Indian stocks that doubled in 2016 still have upward potential
  • Long Term Stock Selection – Tracking Mutual Funds Pick
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    Why top mutual funds dumped these Indian stocks

    Why top mutual funds dumped these Indian stocks

    Published : September 5, 2017

    Indian Stocks from which MF schemes exited on June 16 Indian stocks gives good return to investor if entered in right stock and in right time. However, mere right investment doesn’t make return optimal. For returns to be optimal exit on right time and at right price are needed too. Proper know...

  • Equity

    Indian Stocks Picked by Top MF Schemes

    Indian stocks mutual funds bet

    Published : September 5, 2017

    Indian Stocks Picked by Top MF Schemes Indian stocks if picked with a little care then it can be very profitable to investors. As it may give the best return among the available plethora of investment options. But investors find it difficult to select stocks for their portfolio. The present ar...

  • Equity


    Indian stocks that mutual funds exit from

    Published : September 5, 2017

    Indian Stocks Post Top MF Exits Likely to Correct Indian Stocks holding by individual investors depends on many factors and exiting on proper time is must to reap optimal benefit from such investment. The sample study of top 12 Mutual funds schemes quarterly portfolio reveals that post compl...

  • Equity

    Indian Stocks Top Mutual Funds Relied Upon

    Indian stocks top mutual funds relied upon

    Published : September 5, 2017

    How Indian Stocks are selected by top MF To choose the stocks for investing in share market is not an easy job despite it investors wish to invest in equities.  If they get some clue regarding performance of stocks they can easily manage their portfolios without any hectic. The articles deal wit...

  • Equity


    5 innovative Indian companies to boost your portfolio

    Published : September 5, 2017

    5 Innovative Indian Companies to Boost Portfolio in 2016 5 Innovative Indian companies in 2016 get ranked in Forbes list of world’s 100 most innovative companies. Since last six year Forbes is coming up with this list. Asian Paints Ltd ranked 18, HUL 31, Tata Consultancy Ltd 66, Sun Pharma 73 ...

  • Commodities

    Gold ETF - why you must consider it in your portfolio

    Gold ETF – why you must consider it in your portfolio?

    Published : September 1, 2017

    Gold ETF is a new and innovative kind of instruments available for all types of investors, especially for the risk-averse. Physical gold is the underlying from which these ETFs derive their value. Physical gold has their inherent risk characteristics. The important one is theft, storage, and safe...

  • Global Markets

    Dollar Index correction positive for global stock market

    Dollar Index correction positive for global stock market

    Published : September 1, 2017

    Dollar Index corrected over 6% since the start of the year 2016 and is currently trading at 93.00 levels. During the start of the year 2016, both FOMC and BOJ changed their policy rates. US Fed hiked its interest rate while BOJ turned to the negative interest rate. And since the start of 2017, bo...

  • Equity

    3 Indian Stocks for portfolio stability in 2017 and beyond

    3 Indian Stocks for portfolio stability in 2017 and beyond

    Published : August 25, 2017

    Indian stocks corrected by the end of 2016 due to demonetarization. But for the whole of 2016, most of the stocks gave returns higher on month on month basis. Demonetization of the 86% of currency in circulation was claimed to be the largest drive in Indian history. This is to curb black money and ...

  • Equity

    4 Reasons Why PSU Sector to Shine in 2017

    4 reasons why PSU sector to shine 2017 onward

    Published : August 24, 2017

    PSU sector refers to the sector where the companies are owned by the government of India. Indian stocks of this sector had performed well in 2016 when compared to broader index Nifty. The index measuring the performance of PSU stocks, known as Nifty PSE had generated 18% return while nifty 3% during...

  • Equity

    5 Indian Stocks – Negative Effect of GST

    5 Indian stocks that may hurt due to roll-out of GST

    Published : August 23, 2017

      5 Indian stocks you will love to avoid – post-GST Indian stocks, not all but some, are expected to be affected adversely by GST implementation. Though goods and services tax (GST), may abolish the existing multiple tax structure yet the effect of GST seems to be negative in some sectors. It...

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