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  • Why Is The RMoney Demat Account The Best for Trading? Post Date : December 2, 2022

    The Demat and Trading Account that one needs should be loaded with features that make trading a smoother and faster experience RMoney’s Trading Account comes with features like: Free AMC for the first year of account opening 3-in-1 Bank Account with NSDL Payments Bank Customizable Brokerage Plan Personalized NISM Trained Dealers for Trading Support Advanced Trading Technology with Faster Server Latency Speed to Exchange Opportunity to Invest in Global Markets and ETFs Online Robust Mobile Trading App RMoney Quick for

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  • Why RMoney Demant Account is Best for Beginners? Post Date : November 29, 2022

    Beginners find it difficult to trade and invest in the stock market due to various reasons like:  Lack of Knowledge Fear of Losing Money in the Market Lack of Personalized Trading Support High Brokerage Charges  Complicated Trading Technology That is Difficult to Understand and Use RMoney offers a free Demat Account for beginners who can open an account, learn, and invest in the stock market with expert assistance and hand-holding support.  Reasons why RMoney Demat Account is Best for beginners:

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  • What are RMoney Brokerage Charges? Post Date : November 24, 2022

    RMoney offers Freedom Brokerage Plan. As the name says, the Freedom Brokerage Plan allows you to choose the brokerage you wish to pay while trading and investing with RMoney. Under the Freedom Brokerage Plan, you can: Trade at a Flat Brokerage of Rs.9/- per executed order, regardless of the trade size, OR Trade unlimited across segments for Rs.999/- per month

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  • Does RMoney Demat Account Have App? Post Date : November 24, 2022

    Yes! RMoney’s Demat Account comes with a Mobile Trading App called RMoney Quick that allows you to trade faster and on-the-go. RMoney Quick App is loaded with advanced and unique trading features that enhance your trading experience and take it to a whole new level. Some of the Amazing Features of RMoney Include: Real-time access to the Indian stock market Calculators for advanced derivatives calculations Real-time tracking of your Mutual Fund Portfolio Invest in IPOs instantly once they are issued

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  • What is RMoney Demat Account and What is RMoney Trading Account? Post Date : November 23, 2022

    Often used interchangeably, a Demat and a Trading Account hold different purposes, however, they are closely related to each other. RMONEY DEMAT ACCOUNT RMoney Demat Account is the one that allows you to hold your shares in a electronic format. RMoney’s Demat Account converts physical shares into electronic format thus dematerializing them. A Demat Account works just like a bank account but debits and credits securities instead of cash. You need not have shares in order to open a Demat

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  • Is RMoney Demat Account Safe? Post Date : November 22, 2022

    Yes! Opening a Demat Account with RMoney is absolutely safe as RMoney is a SEBI Registered broker. It was incorporated in 2004 which makes RMoney an 18 year old company. All the transactions carried out via RMoney are closely monitored making it a safer stock broking platform in India for all its clients.

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  • How to Open Demat Account with RMoney? Post Date : November 22, 2022

    You can open a Demat Account with RMoney both via Online and Offline Account Opening Process. You can choose any of the two based on your convenience. Online Demat Account Opening with RMoney To open a Demat Account online with RMoney you need to follow the steps below: Visit RMoney’s official website www.rmoneyindia.com and look for 5 Minutes Account Opening Online The next tab will give you two options to Sign Online or to Sign Offline Choose “Sign Online” to

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  • Which Demat Account is Best for Beginners? Post Date : November 22, 2022

    A beginner to the world of trading and investing needs support while investing his/her money and some educational tools wherein they  can brush up their knowledge and understanding of the stock market. RMoney’s Demat Account offers: Free Demat Account Opening or an option to open an Account at Rs.299/- and earn an advance brokerage of Rs. 499/- Free AMC for first year of Account Opening Free Educational and Learning tools with RMoney Gyan Training via Free Courses Personalized Dealer for

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  • RMoney Demat Account Charges Post Date : November 22, 2022

    Opening a Demat Account with RMoney is free. However, if you pay an account opening fee of Rs. 299/- you will get an advanced brokerage of Rs.499/- The AMC (Annual Maintenance Charge) for RMoney’s Demat & Trading Account is free for the first year post which an AMC of Rs. 299/- + GST will be charged every year.

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  • How to Apply for IPO Through RMoney Demat Account? Post Date : November 21, 2022

    Investing in IPOs has always caught attention of both traders and investors out their in the market. Investing in IPO is an easy task when applying for it through your RMoney Demat and Trading Account. You can apply for an IPO through RMoney’s website or via RMoney’s Mobile Trading App- RMoney Quick in few simple steps. IPO Application Through Website Visit RMoney’s official website www.rmoneyindia.com From the product’s drop down list select “IPO” On the following page scroll down and

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