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  • Investor's Risk Profile Assessment at Alphaniti

    How Do We Assess An Investor’s Risk Profile? Post Date : April 4, 2022

    Alphaniti maintains a questionnaire for assessing the investors’ risk profile. The questionnaire provides a base for an in-depth conversation about the investors’ knowledge, and background, and provokes discussion about reasonable investment objectives. Most of the time, while deciding where to invest, the investors are not clear about their objectives. For instance,  when asked about their investment objective, most investors want high returns but expect their investments to be safe and liquid at the same time. The questionnaire helps in calculating

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  • Is Risk profile needed?

    Is Risk profile needed? Post Date : March 28, 2022

    A risk profiler is a framework that is designed to evaluate an investor’s experience and sensitivity to losses. It is needed both at the time of market decline and in subsequent periods. Getting an accurate risk profile for an investor is critical as it will dictate the investor’s risk rating. It will also dictate the investment strategy pursued to achieve the financial goals.

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  • Why Alphaniti's subscription fee is required

    Why do I need to pay the subscription fee? Post Date : March 28, 2022

    Alphaniti charges the subscription fee to activate the plan selected by you, irrespective of the amount you invest. There are no additional and/or hidden charges, costs, commissions charged.

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  • Alphaniti additional charges beyond subscription fee

    Are there any additional charges besides the subscription fee? Post Date : March 28, 2022

    No! There are no additional charges apart from the subscription fee charged. However, brokerage and taxes are applicable and will be charged by RMoney according to the brokerage plan selected by you.  

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  • Updating plan in the middle of a subscription

    Can I update my plan in the middle of the subscription period? Can it be adjusted with my previous plan? Post Date : March 28, 2022

    Users can upgrade from a lower to a higher plan. For example, a user with AlphaGenie can upgrade to Alphamatter. However, the vice versa is not possible.

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  • Alphaniti Subscription Fee Payment

    How do I pay the subscription fee? Post Date : March 28, 2022

    You can pay the subscription fee online through Card payment, Netbanking, or UPI

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  • Subscription packages available on Alphaniti

    What are the subscription packages available on Alphaniti? Post Date : March 28, 2022

    Alphaniti offers two subscription plans. You can choose a plan of your choice keeping in mind your investment requirements. The Subscription Plans offered by Alphaniti are: AlphaGenie: A single-stock recommendation plan at FLAT Rs.99/- for 6 months. Alphamatter: Theme-based investment baskets at FLAT Rs.999/- for 6 months.

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  • Documents required for KYC registration with RMoney

    What documents do I need to provide while registering my KYC with RMoney? Post Date : March 28, 2022

    The documents required while registering your KYC with RMoney include: ID Proof- Aadhaar Card/PAN Card Address Proof- Aadhaar Card/Utility Bill

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  • KYC Registration Process Duration_Alphaniti

    How long does it take to complete the KYC registration process? Post Date : March 28, 2022

    The time taken for a fresh KYC registration varies depending on the mode of registration but generally, the process may take up to 3-5 working days for fresh registration to be updated.

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  • Fresh KYC registration for Alphaniti

    What do I do if I’m not KYC Complaint/ How do I register for fresh KYC? Post Date : March 28, 2022

    If you are not KYC compliant or have not registered for KYC, you can register for KYC through RMoney. If you have registered for KYC through RMoney or any other broker, please wait for 3-5 working days for the registration to be updated. Once your KYC is registered you are complaint to start your journey on Alphaniti.

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  • Subscribe/Register for Alphaniti

    How Can I Subscribe/Register for Alphaniti? Post Date : March 28, 2022

    Getting started with Alphaniti is easy and convenient. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to get Subscribe/Register for Alphaniti: Log in to www.rmoneyindia.com Scroll down on the homepage and look for Alphaniti. Click on Alphaniti Scroll down to the Sign-Up form. Sign Up with your Name, Email Id, and Mobile No. Create an account with Alphaniti on the following page Select any of the two products: Alphamatter (Value Plus Plan) or AlphaGenie (Xpress Plan) Click the “Subscribe Now” button, select

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  • How to invest in alphamatter and alphagenie? Post Date : March 25, 2022

    You can open an Account with RMoney to invest in alphamatter and alphagenie. You can also use your existing RMoney Demat and Trading Account. All you need to do is select the product, enter the amount/quantity and invest with RMoney.

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  • Track Order/ Existing Investment with Alphaniti

    How do I track my order/existing investments? Post Date : March 25, 2022

    You can track your orders or existing investments by logging in to RMoney Back Office. Tap the link https://bit.ly/3LDAVa1 to learn how to use RMoney Back Office. On the other hand, Once you execute any order on alphamatter/ alphagenie, a tile is created on the Quick View page under “Portfolios”. It contains information such as Current Holdings, Transaction History, Gain/Loss for the day, Total Returns, etc.  

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  • How can I track the performance/ create a Watchlist before investing?

    How can I track the performance/ create a Watchlist before investing? Post Date : March 25, 2022

    You can track the performance or create a watchlist before investing through RMoney Backoffice. Watch the video to learn how to use RMoney Back Office https://bit.ly/3LDAVa1 You can also check the performance of alphamatters by saving them. A watchlist will be created on the Quick View tab which you can track and eventually invest in.

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  • How will I know that the Stop-Loss has triggered?

    How will I know that the Stop-Loss has triggered? Post Date : March 25, 2022

    You will receive an alert on your registered email id when a stock bought by you on the alphaniti platform triggers the stop-loss. You can also refer to the “Past Trades” tab for all the details. The details in the “Past Trades” tab are available with respect to the time validity of each trade. The trades closed in case of Stop-Loss Triggered/ Time Elapsed/ Target Achieved will also be reflected in Past Trades.

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  • What is Alphagenie? Post Date : March 25, 2022

    Yet another investment option available at Alphaniti is Alphagenie. Alphagenie is a proprietary single-stock recommendation engine across various time frames for larger, mid and small-cap stock ideas. The engine is based on statistical and mathematical models. Alphagenie helps in removing the guesswork related to the entry and exit of trades with its unique tools such as “Strike-rate” and “Risk-Reward Ratio” for informed decision making.

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  • Do Alphamatters come with a lock-in period? Post Date : March 25, 2022

    No, Alphamatters do not have any lock-in period. This ensures that you can exit out of your investment as and when required. The idea behind alphamatter, however, is to build wealth through long-term investing.

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  • What are Alphamatters? Post Date : March 25, 2022

    Alphamatter is one of the investment options available with Alphaniti. Every alphamatter is a high-energy component comprising a universe of well-researched & high conviction stocks. They represent an underlying theme of investments. These components are curated by a team of highly qualified investment managers with a strong track record of institutional investment management. To maximize alpha, alphamatter offers a periodic rebalancing framework too.

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  • How can Alphaniti help me? Post Date : March 25, 2022

    Alphaniti is a direct-to-consumer investment platform that aspires to transform the way India invests. It offers the best of both worlds through its high-quality investment offerings across the Indian market at an affordable cost. If you are a retail investor and are looking forward to investing with a reliable & professional advisory platform, you can do so with Alphaniti via RMoney.

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  • What is Alphaniti? Post Date : March 25, 2022

    Alphaniti is a digital investment platform. Alphaniti offers a high-quality and diversified extensive range of single-stock ideas thematic investments, and trading strategies covering Indian markets based on statistical and quantitative models that overcome the legacy issues of human bias.

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