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  • how discount brokers earn money

    How do discount brokers earn? – Complete Explanation Post Date : July 18, 2023

    How do discount brokers earn? Here are the ways in which discount brokers earn in India : Commissions: Discount brokers in India typically charge a flat fee of Rs. 10-20 per executed order (Pay a flat fee of 9 per executed order). This means that they charge the same amount, regardless of the size of the trade. For example, if you buy 100 shares of a stock at Rs. 100 per share, you will be charged Rs. 200 in commissions.

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  • What is Discount Brokerage

    What is discount brokerage? How choose them? – Complete Guide Post Date : July 13, 2023

    What is Discount Brokerage ? A discount brokerage is a type of brokerage firm that provides cost-effective trading services, offering lower commissions compared to traditional brokers. While they may have fewer features and limited support, they still enable you to buy and sell securities, manage your account, access research tools, and benefit from educational resources. Discount brokers excel in low-cost trading, online accessibility, and self-service capabilities. However, they may have limited research offerings, lack investment advice, and provide minimal customer

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  • What are RMoney Brokerage Charges?

    What are RMoney Brokerage Charges? Post Date : November 24, 2022

    As a matter of fact, you cannot buy or sell shares, derivative products or other financial instruments directly. Being that, you will need an agent or a middleman. Specifically, such agents or authorized middleman are known as brokers. For this purpose, brokers offer their services for a fee known as brokerages. At the same time, as a retail investor, brokerages are not only the charges that you need to pay. Analogous to there are other fees and charges as well

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  • Is RMoney’s Demat Account Free? Post Date : November 16, 2022

    Experience the convenience and flexibility of opening an account at RMoney, where you have two options to choose from. Firstly, you can enjoy the privilege of a free account opening. Alternatively, you can opt to pay a nominal fee of Rs.299/- at the time of account opening and unlock the benefits of an advanced brokerage worth Rs.499/-. We believe in providing exceptional value to our customers, which is why we offer the added advantage of  Free Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC)

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  • What are the Brokerage Charges in RMoney? Post Date : November 15, 2022

    RMoney’s Freedom Brokerage Plan allows you to trade at a low brokerage of Rs.9/- per trade. As the name suggests, the Freedom Zero Brokerage Plan gives you the freedom to choose the brokerage you wish to pay while trading in the stock market. Under this plan, you can trade at Rs.9/- or Rs.999/-. Here are the details of the plan: Trade unlimited across segments at Rs.999/- per month with the Freedom Zero Brokerage Plan Trade at Rs.9/- per month per

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  • What is RMoney’s Per Trade and Monthly Brokerage Plan? Post Date : March 3, 2022

    RMoney has come up with two new brokerage plans Rs.9/- per trade and Rs.999/- per month brokerage plans. This will allow you to choose a brokerage plan of your choice. Rs.9/- Per Trade Plan Under this brokerage plan, you will be charged a brokerage of Rs.9/- per executed trade irrespective of the size and segment of the trade. Rs.999/- Per Month Plan Under this brokerage plan, you can trade unlimited for a month at Rs.999/- You’ll pay 2.5% of trade

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  • Can I change my brokerage plan at RMoney? Post Date : March 3, 2022

    Absolutely! You have the flexibility to modify your brokerage plan at any time, any day. All you need to do is send a request from your registered email address to askus@rmoneyindia.com. Our dedicated team will promptly assist you in making the desired changes to your plan. We strive to provide a seamless experience, ensuring that you have full control over your brokerage options. Feel free to reach out to us whenever you need to fine-tune your brokerage plan to align

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  • What are Brokerage and Other Charges Details? Post Date : March 3, 2022

    Transaction and Other charges details as per Exchange and Government are as follows: Zero Brokerage Equity Delivery STT 0.1% on both Buy and Sell Transaction/Turnover Charges Rs.325/crore GST 18% on Brokerage+Transaction Charge SEBI Charges 10 Rs/Crore Stamp Charges 0.015% on Buy-side Equity Futures STT 0.01% on Sell Side Transaction/Turnover Charges 0.0125% sell GST 18% on Brokerage+Transaction Charge SEBI Charges 10 Rs/Crore Stamp Charges 0.002% on Buy-side Currency Futures STT No STT Transaction/Turnover Charges Rs.180/crore GST 18% on Brokerage+Transaction Charge SEBI

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  • Account Opening Charges at RMoney Post Date : February 23, 2022

    Enjoy the Benefits: Zero Account Opening Charges! Alternatively, you can choose to pay only Rs.299/- at the time of Account Opening and unlock the incredible advantage of Advanced brokerage worth Rs.499/-. Take Advantage of Our Offer: Avail Free Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) for the first year. Afterward, it’s just Rs.299/- +GST per year to continue enjoying our exceptional services.

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