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  • What are the Account Opening Charges and AMC for Demat at RMoney? Post Date : March 4, 2022

    Opening a Demat and Trading at RMoney is Free. However, you can pay Rs.299/- at the time of account opening and get an advance brokerage of Rs.499/- AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges) is free for the first year after which the AMC charge will be Rs.299+GST

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  • What are the benefits of opening a Demat and Trading Account with RMoney? Post Date : March 4, 2022

    Our objective of offering a Demat and Trading Account is to bring financial success and happiness to our clients. We at RMoney believe in doing so with ethical practices and transparency. Some of the benefits of opening a Demat and Trading Account with RMoney are as follows: Low brokerage charges per trade Personalized NISM Trained dealers 24*7 Hand-holding Support for Trading Multiple Trading Platforms- Web-Based, Terminal-Based, App-Based Fast and User-Friendly Mobile Trading App with faster server latency speed to exchange

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  • What are DP or Demat Charges and why are they levied? Post Date : March 3, 2022

    DP charges are levied every time you sell shares from your Demat Account. These are similar to the transaction fee levied by the exchange or brokerage charged by your broker. DP charges are levied by Depository and the Depository Partner (RMoney) at Rs.12/ + GST per script.

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  • How can I transfer the shares against my selling? Post Date : March 3, 2022

    We will transfer shares from your Demat Account towards the obligation of selling. The POA signed by you at the time of Account Opening entitles us for the same. We will transfer all your shares in the Demat Account without you having to involve in formalities.

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  • Will I be getting any benefits for keeping my shares in my Demat Account with RMoney? Post Date : March 3, 2022

    Yes! you can use shares in your RMoney’s Demat Account as collaterals.

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  • Everything you need to know about Demat Account? Post Date : March 3, 2022

    Demat Account plays a vital role when it comes to trading and investing in the stock market.  A Demat account helps in holding shares and securities in electronic format. It helps you keep proper track of all the trades and investments an individual makes in shares, exchange-traded funds, bonds, and mutual funds in one place. Learn all you need to know about Demat Account here https://bit.ly/3KVYvP0

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  • How to transfer shares to a non-RMoney Demat Account? Post Date : March 3, 2022

    Transferring shares from your RMoney Demat account to a non-RMoney Demat Account can be done through off-market transfers. Hence, if you wish to transfer shares from your RMoney Demat and Trading Account to a third-party Demat Account, the off-market transfer is the way. Following are the steps you need to follow to transfer your shares from RMoney’s Demat and Trading Account to a third-party Demat and Trading Account. Download the Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) requisition form, take the print and

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