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Margin Trading Funding

Margin Trading Funding

Boost Your Power Of Investing By Up To 4 Times With RMoney’s Margin Trading Funding

Stop Lossing Good Trading Opportunities Because of Funds Shortage

*No Account Opeaning Charges

*No Demat Account Charges

*Free AMC

*Zero Hidden Charges

What is Margin Trading Funding?

Margin Trading Funding (MTF) is a facility that allows investors to buy shares and securities from the funds and resources available. All that the investor needs to do is, pay a small amount of investment called margin, and get funding for the remaining amount. Investors can pay the margin in cash or by keeping shares as collateral depending on the availability.

Key Features

  • Pay a Small Initial Margin to Buy Stocks and Repay Balance Amount in 90 Days

  • Sell your shares at any time during the quarter

  • Pledge existing shares as collateral to pay margins

  • Pay a nominal interest rate on outstanding amounts.

*No Account Opeaning Charges

*No Demat Account Charges

*Free AMC

*Zero Hidden Charges

MTF Benefits

  • Enhance your investment capacity and take larger positions with MTF
  • Boost your buying capacity by up to 4 times
  • Take larger positions despite low funds
  • Invest in 600+ shares listed on BSE and NSE
  • Get Dividend Payout on Margin Trading Open Positions
  • Improve the returns on the capital deployed
  • Utilize securities available in your portfolio/Demat account
  • Regulated prudently by exchanges and regulators
  • A separate MTF Ledger for convenience

*No Account Opeaning Charges

*No Demat Account Charges

*Free AMC

*Zero Hidden Charges

Margin Trading Funding (MTF) FAQs

1. What is Margin Trading Funding (MTF)?

Margin Trade Funding Facility offered to investors and traders allows them to enhance their buying power. They can boost their investment in stocks and securities by paying just a small amount of the total investment value. You can buy stocks by putting your money partially while the rest of the amount will be funded by the broker.

Clients can give margin either in cash or by keeping shares as collateral.

2. What are the benefits of MTF?

 MTF comes with the following advantages:

  1. You can hold your delivery positions for long periods of time
  2. You can avoid auto square-off on T+5 days
  3. You can easily use your idle stocks by using them as margin to trade
  4. You can boost your buying power by up to 4 times
  5. You can invest more with limited cash available for disposal and hence take advantage of market opportunities
  6. You can easily diversify your portfolio by investing in a variety of stocks and securities

3. How is interest calculated?

Interest in MTF is calculated on the amount funded considering the number of days for which you are holding the position in MTF. The number of days considered starts from the exchange pay-in date for settling a particular transaction till the dates funds are received. Interest in MTF is charged daily including the non-working days as well.

Example: Suppose you bought stock worth 100,000/- Under MTF.

Your Money 25,000

Margin Limit 75,000

Interest Paid on 75K per day = Rs 36.98 

4. Can the MTF facility be used to fund intraday trades?

No, Margin Trading Funding Facility does not give the facility of intraday trading.

5. What if you fail to maintain the required margin?

If you are availing of the MTF facility from a SEBI registered broker you will be required to maintain a minimum balance in your trading account. In case you fail to maintain the required balance your stockbroker holds the right to close all your open positions in order to bring in the minimum value. This is also referred to as liquidation or forced sales.

6. How can you avail MTF facility?

You can avail MTF facility at RMoney by following any of these simple steps

Email:  You can write us a mail at from your registered email id asking us to activate the MTF facility on your trading account.

Website: You can visit our official website 

Go to the MTF page from the products drop-down menu and share a lead with us

Call: You can either call your dealer or can call our customer care executives at 0562-4266600/7188900

7. Am I required to hold separate Demat Accounts to avail Margin Trading Facility?

No, you don’t need to hold separate Demat Accounts to avail of the MTF facility

8. What will happen if the shares kept as collateral for MTF appreciate?

In case the shares kept by you as collateral appreciate your margin from collateral stocks will be increased. You can thus use the same for creating more positions under the MTF facility.

9. I bought stocks under MTF. What if they get appreciated? Will I be eligible for an additional margin in that case?

No! You will not get any additional margin in case the stocks bought by you under MTF appreciate.

10. How will the dividend received on collateral stocks be treated?

The dividend earned on collateral stocks will be credited to your registered bank account.

11. Who all can avail of the MTF facility?

All the clients of RMoney can take the benefit from the MTF facility.

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