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  • Track Your Investment with WealthDesk

    How Can I Track My Investments? Post Date : April 5, 2022

    All the orders placed for WealthBaskets can be found on the Orderbook page. If you want to see the further details, you can see the quantities, prices of individual stocks.

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  • Complete your KYC with WealthDesk

    How Do I Complete My KYC? Post Date : April 5, 2022

    The menu bar holds a ‘Complete KYC’ tab. Select that and follow the steps thereon.

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  • WealthDesk Fees & Taxes

    What Are The Fees and Taxes? Post Date : April 5, 2022

    The charges for investing in WealthBaskets from WealthDesk are 0.5% of Fund Value + GST for a 6 months tenure.

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  • Investing for Long-Term

    What is Investing in for the Long-Term Like? Post Date : April 4, 2022

    Different WealthDesk wealthbaskets are designed for different durations. For instance, there are baskets for long-term investment and short-term investment.  In the long-term wealthbaskets, annualized returns gain percentage is high making it the best investment for the long term.

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  • WealthBaskets Vs Mutual Funds

    How are WealthBaskets Better Than Mutual Funds? Post Date : April 4, 2022

    Wealthbaskets are made after thorough quant-based research which can be tracked on a real-time basis. Also, these baskets are transparent allowing you to view the stocks you are investing in.

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  • how to pick wealthbaskets

    How Do I Pick My WealthBaskets? Post Date : April 4, 2022

    You can pick your WealthBasket based on your investing style or preference of stocks. We will also recommend wealthbaskets based on your profilic answer.

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  • Minimum amount required to invest in WealthDesk WealthBaskets

    What is the Minimum Amount Required to Start Investing? Post Date : April 4, 2022

    No minimum amount is required to start investing. Each individual fund will have its own minimum amount if any. Hence, investors need not worry about maintaining the minimum investment amount.

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  • Make an Account at WealthDesk

    How Do I Make an Account? Post Date : April 4, 2022

    To invest in WealthBaskets you need to open an account with WealthDesk. Follow the below-mentioned steps to open an account with WealthDesk: Visit www.rmoneyindia.com Scroll down on the home page and look for RMoney WealthDesk in RMoney MarkePlace Log in on the following WealthDesk page to create an account

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  • Who are WealthBaskets for?

    Who are WealthBaskets for? Post Date : April 4, 2022

    All investors irrespective of their experience can use WealthBaskets for investment. First Time Investors, Mutual Fund Investors, and Seasoned Investors all can invest in WealthBaskets.

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  • Start investing in WealthBaskets

    What Do I Need to Start Investing in WealthBaskets? Post Date : April 4, 2022

    All you need is a Trading and Demat account to get started.

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