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    5 Option Trading Strategies You Should Know

    Published : July 8, 2021

    Most of the traders, especially the ones new to trading, jump directly into option trading without understanding the various strategies available to them. Many option trading strategies, when cautiously put to use, can help in both ...

  • F & O

    is trading in derivatives safe?

    Is Derivatives Market Trading Safe for Traders?

    Published : February 6, 2021

    It was in the year 2000 when the derivatives market was introduced in India. Since the day of its introduction, the Indian Derivatives market is gaining great significance among Indian traders and its counterparts abroad. Just like shares, derivatives are also traded in stock exchanges. The popul...

  • F & O

    option trading strategies

    Top 4 Option Trading Strategies for Beginners

    Published : November 7, 2020

    Options give the investors the ability to configure his investment goals in the way he wishes. We are going to explain four basic but important option trading strategies that could be considered good for a novice options trader as these are simple to implement. There are certain terms in options tra...

  • F & O

    option-trading mistakes

    5 Mistakes To Avoid During Option Trading

    Published : August 10, 2020

    Option trading is popular among traders as it helps them earn a good amount of trading profits. It helps in earning profits when the prices of stocks move up, down, or sideways. The added advantage which options trading offers is that it can be conducted with a relatively lower amount of cash reserv...

  • F & O

    stock futures

    How to Sell Stock Futures to a Skeptic

    Published : July 16, 2020

    Introduction: A futures contract is the obligation to buy or sell the stock at a predefined agreed price at a later date in the future. The trading is perfectly organized by the exchange where all the counterparty risk is mitigated. The agreements have normalized particulars like a market lot, expir...

  • F & O

    derivative market

    Volatility and derivative markets Poll of the Day

    Published : July 5, 2020

    “Derivative markets want volatility, that’s where all the trading opportunities present itself,” says Azila Abdul Aziz, the CEO and executive director, head of listed derivatives, of Kenanga Futures Sdn Bhd. Investors remain anxious about the prospects of increased volatility and uncertaint...

  • F & O

    pros-and-cons of option Trading

    Pros and Cons of Options Trading in 2020

    Published : June 27, 2020

    The options market is a critical part of the derivative market, especially in India. Around 80 percent of derivative trading happens in the options market and the rest in futures. The options were available to trade on over the counter (OTC) since 1920 particularly on commodities. Equity options tra...

  • F & O

    Call & Put option Trading

    Option Trading: It’s Not As Difficult As You Think

    Published : June 15, 2020

    An option trading is something that the new investors usually don’t take up as it is considered to be a bit more complicated than traditional stock trading. However, if you master the art of option trading on the basis of your knowledge and awareness, then it surely has several advantages which th...

  • F & O

    Master news analysis - That will help you conquer day trade

    Master news analysis – That will help you conquer day trade

    Published : November 3, 2019

    News has a significant impact on intraday stock trading. So what day trading actually is? The answer is simple. Buying-selling and vice versa of stocks on the same trading day before the market closes is intraday trading or day trading. It is a fact that there are numerous traders across the globe...

  • F & O

    Barely rely on technology in the stock-market cautious now

    Barely rely on technology in the stock-market, cautious now!

    Published : August 21, 2019

    It is a growing fact that online trading is fast and inexpensive. However, there is a price associated with it. I will scrutinize the aspect of online trading vs. traditional full-service brokers to see how technology is impacting retail investors and traders. More precisely I will focus on whether ...

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