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  • Scanners

  • Advanced Alerts

  • Option Greeks

  • Paper Trade

  • Readymade Strategies

  • Strategy Builder

  • Pay-off Graphs

  • Scalping

  • Market Watch

  • Technical Trading

  • Live Market Scan

  • Option Chain Analytics

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Ready to level up your options trading?

  1. Explore the world of pre-built advanced option strategies!
  2. Seeking an edge in options trading?
  3. Start with paper trading today!
  4. Discover the power of advanced analytical tools & Strategy Builder.
  5. Want to master the markets without risking a dime?
  6. Pre-Built Strategies:

Get one-click Pre-Built options strategies with RMoney’s Modern Algos.

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    Put Spread

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    Call Short

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    Call Spread

  • 7

    Put Short

  • 8

    Put Long

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    Call Long

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Strategy Builder:

Advanced strategy builder available where you can create Multi Leg Options Strategies without any coding knowledge.

  • Re-Entry

  • Payoff Chart

  • Trailing Profit Facility

  • Trailing Stop Loss Facility

  • 30+ Technical Indicators

  • Advanced Analytical Tools

  • Strategy Adjustments

  • Desired Premium Based Entry

Get advantage of advance analytical tools of RMoney’s Modern Algo.

  • Scalping

  • Technical Trading

  • Option Chain Analytics

  • Scanner Wizard

  • Strategy Algorithms

  • Trailing TGT/SL

  • Switch TGT/SL

  • Shifting Leg Wise

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FAQs - Option Trading

01 What is F&O Trading?

F&O Trading involves the trading of derivative contracts, namely futures and options, which derive their value from underlying assets such as stocks, commodities, and currencies. The purpose of F&O trading is to speculate on the price movements of these contracts in order to generate profits. If you're interested in starting F&O trading in India, you can use the Options Trade platform by RMoney.

02 How much capital is required for F&O Trading?

F&O Trading utilizes margin and leverage, allowing you to achieve more with less capital. However, it also carries a higher potential downside. In India, you can begin F&O trading with as little as a few thousand rupees, depending on the F&O lot size.

03 What are some popular F&O trading strategies?

While the definition of success can be subjective, there are several widely used F&O trading strategies around the world. Some of these include the Straddle, Strangle, Bull Call, Bear Put, Butterfly Spread, and Iron Condor. Options Trader by RMoney provides these strategies through its "Pre-Built Options Strategies" feature.

04 What is Margin Benefit in Option Trading?

Margin benefit refers to the ability to trade with more capital by either pledging your existing holdings or utilizing leverage. Traditionally, margin benefits were only available for options selling. However, Options Trader by RMoney offers margin benefits for both options buying and selling.

05 What are the essential tools for Options Trading?

To succeed in options trading, it is crucial to have a trading strategy and a robust risk management system in place. Options Trader by RMoney provides a comprehensive set of tools for options trading, including pre-built strategies, a custom strategy builder, pledge benefit, and margin on option buying.

06 What F&O contracts can be traded on Options Trader by RMoney?

Options Trader by RMoney allows trading in over 198 F&O scrips, including popular ones like Nifty 50, FINNIFTY, Bank Nifty, and many more.

07 Which is the best F&O Trading platform in India?

Options Trader by RMoney offers a complete F&O trading experience, from a seamless onboarding process to impressive features such as the Custom Strategy Builder, Margin on Option Buying, TradingView Charts, Instant Withdrawals, and more.


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