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RMoney Rocket API

What are RMoney Rocket APIs?

RMoney Rocket API is a Trading API which is based on the Symphony XTS API. You can create your trading platform. You can connect it to our system for a hassle-free, easy-to-use experience.

Our XTS API simplifies placing orders instantly, keeping track of your investments, and managing your financial assets. Plus, you can tailor it to your liking and add your special trading features. This personalised setup can help you be your best at trading.

We offer two types of APIs:

Trading API:

Also known as interactive APIs, Trading APIs allow you to integrate your trading platform with our system.

These APIs enable you to place orders, track positions, & manage portfolios in a user-friendly way, facilitating easy navigation and use.

For the Trading API documentation, visit:
Interactive API Document
To sign up, use this link:

Get API (Interactive or Market Data)

Market Data API:

This API focuses on providing comprehensive data, leveraging both HTTP streaming API & HTTP REST. It doesn't just give you real-time data quotes but also fetches a variety of symbols associated with that data.

For the Market Data API documentation:

Get API (Market Data API Document)

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How do these APIs work?

To use our APIs, simply generate API authentication keys with an active Equity trading account. A developer account and a uniform flat fee are required for API access. Any trader with a trading idea can use our APIs by communicating the idea to a software coder who can write the code and connect it to our trading system using programming languages like Python, C+, and Java.

Is it necessary for only coders to utilize these APIs?

Absolutely not! These APIs can be used by any trader who has a clear understanding of their trading strategy. Traders can share their trading ideas with a programmer or a software developer, who can then convert these ideas into code. The software developer can create your trading tools or strategies in various languages like Excel, C+, Python, dotNet, JAVA, or even within charting software tools such as NinjaTrader, and Amibroker. Through our REST API, a wide range of programming languages can be used to link your tool with our trading system.

Simulation Trading

We offer simulation trading for you to test your program without risking your capital.

Contact us at askus@rmoneyindia.com for more information.

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Key Benefits

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How to Get API key & API secret of Symphony Click Here

FAQs - Trading API

(A) What Trading APIs do?

Trading APIs play a vital role in constructing automated trading systems, empowering users to develop diverse strategies and engage in rule-based trading. By harnessing trading APIs, individuals can send orders to their RMoney trading accounts easily and fastly.

(B) What are the charges for using Trading API?

When it comes to the RMoney Rocket API, there is good news – it is completely free to use! There are no additional charges or subscription fees required for accessing and utilizing the API. Users can enjoy the benefits of the RMoney Rocket API without any financial burden.

(C) Is it possible to use RMoney Rocket Trading API with a different programming language?

Absolutely! The RMoney Rocket Trading API provides multiple language compatibility, allowing you to leverage its functionality regardless of the programming language you prefer to use. You can seamlessly integrate and utilize the API with a variety of programming languages, ensuring flexibility and convenience for

(D) Who can access the RMoney Rocket Trading API?

The RMoney Rocket Trading API is exclusively available for online customers. It is specifically designed and provided for customers who engage in online trading activities. If you are an online customer, you can take advantage of the RMoney Rocket Trading API to enhance your trading experience and automate your strategies.

(E) What are the advantages of using Trading APIs?

Trading APIs provide several advantages, including automation of trading strategies, increased efficiency in trade execution, backtesting and optimization capabilities, and seamless integration with trading platforms and data providers. By leveraging Trading APIs, traders can automate their trading setups, execute trades faster, test and improve strategies, and enhance their overall trading performance.

(F) What are the advantages of utilizing RMoney Rocket API for Algo Trading?

The RMoney Rocket API for Algo Trading offers the following benefits:

  • Custom automation: Set personalized entry and exit conditions for automated trades.
  • Cost-effective: Enjoy "zero" charges for running your algo system.
  • Comprehensive data: Access historical data, market snapshots, and live market feeds.
  • Options strategy integration: Seamlessly execute complex options strategies with single-line codes.

These advantages enable traders to automate trades, save costs, access valuable market data, and execute options strategies efficiently.

(G) What order types are available for API users?

API users have access to the following order types:

  • Normal/Delivery: Used for regular trades with the intention of holding the position for an extended period.
  • MTF (Margin Trading Facility): Allows traders to leverage their positions by borrowing funds from the broker.
  • MIS (Margin Intraday Square-off): Designed for intraday trading, with positions automatically squared off by the end of the trading day.


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