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About RMoney Insurance

RMoney Insurance is an IRDA Registered Broker that acts as a bridge between you and your insurance company. An Insurance Supermarket, where you can buy Life Insurance, General Insurance and Health Insurance under a single roof.

Insurance Products for you


Though the primary objective of any Life Insurance Policy is safeguarding the financial risk due to the unexpected loss of life but life insurance brings you many other additional advantages too. From Financial Planning to Tax Savings, from Investments to Retirement planning, you can use different types of Life Insurance products to suit to your specific needs.

  • Term Insurance

  • Pension Plans

  • Child Endowment Plans

  • Tax Saving Plans

  • Money Back Policy

  • Endowment Policy


If human life is important so are the assets that you own. With your hard earned money, you build your assets hence they need to be protected from any unforeseen accidents & damages. From your health to travel & home to car, everything can be protected with right kind of insurance policies, so that while you enjoy your life you don’t need to worry about future.

  • Mediclaim

  • Critical Illness

  • Sr Citizen Insurance

  • Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Travel Insurance

  • Personal Accident

Why Buy Insurance Policy Through us?

• Expert team for the assistance of customers.

• Wide range of products to choose from a single window.

• Product knowledge and information on any insurance product of your choice.

• Comparison of all insurance policies at a common platform.

• Easy claim settlement assistance.

• 24*7 Insurance customer support.

• Online access to all your insurance policies.


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Claim Assistance

Filing for claim is a tedious task and can be a hectic and troublesome process when dealing with insurance agents. In times of distress, a complicated claim settlement process can become a stress in itself. But, when you take insurance through RMoney Insurance you get a smooth claim settlement because we believe that if claim processing is not quick, easy and smooth, the purpose of buying insurance gets defeated to an extent.

RMoney Insurance has a 24*7 claim support helpline for your convenience.

5 Reasons Why RMoney Offers The Best Claim Assistance To You.

Why R-Money
  • We are an IRDA Licensed Corporate Broker. So not just one or two or few, rather we deal with all the insurance compaines in india.
  • We think of Claim benefits right at the time when you buy a policy, after all Claims is the only reason you buy the policy, so why compromise?
  • We know that distress doesn’t come with appointment hence our Claim Support Desk works 24*7 on 365 days to help you whenever you need.
  • Claim is a specialist job. Each of our Claim experts possesses relevant experience between 10-30 years, which is unbeatable.
  • Claims at times become painful because of paperwork & legal issues. We simplify them so that you get maximum benefits of your policy.

Why is it Better to Buy Insurance Through RMoney?

Through Agent

At Policy Level

No proper assessment of the insurance needs of the client.

The agent sells the policies of one particular company.

A policy without full coverage at a higher premium is purchased.

Problems faced at the time of claim settlement.

At Claim Level

You get the advice over the phone, from your agent.

The agent asks you to proceed with the claim settlement by checking the company’s website.

All the documentation is thrown on your head to be completed without any assistance.

If there are any complications the matter bounces over your head.

It might result in delayed claim settlement, less claim or no claim at all.

Through RMoney

At Policy Level

Proper and in-depth assessment of the insurance needs of the client.

RMoney Insurance offers you a supermarket of insurance policies.

Assistance to select the policy with full coverage and lowest premium.

We offer quick and easy claim settlement.

At Claim Level

RMoney Executive at claim helpline records your claim.

The Executive coordinates with the Insurance Company for claim settlement.

All the claim related documentation is done by the executive on your behalf.

You just need to sign the papers and all the complications are handled by us.

You get your claim quickly!

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Insurance Companies

There are about 50 Insurance Companies and 1000s of Insurance Policies available in India.


Whether Life or General and any insurance company you name, you will find everything right here.

  • iciciLombard Insurance
  • LIC Insurance
  • MaxBupa Insurance
  • ApolloMunich Insurance
  • Reliance Insurance
  • Reliance Insurance
  • sbiLife Insurance
  • rajeevGandiYogna Insurance
  • RoyalSundarm Insurance
  • BirlaSunLife Insurance

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A little more about Insurance

Insurance is a tool to do risk management by which you as a buyer of any insurance policy (i.e. Life, Health or General Insurance) transfer the cost of a future potential loss to another party (the insurance company) by way of paying a periodic advanced monetary compensation known as the premium.

An Insurance Policy allows you to protect yourself from significant potential damages, losses and risks at an affordable cost. Insurance as a concept works on the law of large numbers which means that contributions come from many in the form of premium whereas the losses occur to a few. By paying a premium amount for protecting against a certain type of loss, you will be protected for a certain sum of money that you will receive if you face that loss. In other words, an Insurance Policy is like a promise of compensation by the insurance company for specific potential future losses as covered in the particular insurance policy.

Different Insurance products are designed with different set of objectives and to safeguard against various types of losses and risks. For example, Life Insurance Plans have the primary objective of giving monetary compensation in the case of death of the policy buyer.

Similarly, your Motor Insurance is to compensate your vehicle for the accidental damages and risks arising out it. At Raghunandan Money (Rmoney), we have a dedicated Insurance Desk to answer all your queries on Insurance, Policies, Products and Offerings.


Life Insurance & General Insurance

Life Insurance is an insurance policy providing for payment of an assured sum of money to the person insured or person nominated on the happening of a certain event. It is a good tool to protect your family financially, in case of death, by providing a significant fund for the loss of future income. Life Insurance can be in the shape of a Term Plan where the compensation is only on the death of the person insured and hence the premium is often very low. Though in India, people have not realized the importance of Term Plan but in advanced countries it is generally the first insurance policy that a person buys. Further, in life insurance you also have the option to choose from endowment policy and money-back policies.

General Insurance is an insurance of any asset other than life. You can buy Health Insurance to take care of medical treatment costs, you can buy Travel Insurance, Motor Insurance, House Insurance, etc., each having an objective to safeguard monetary associated risks and costs. Each of the General Insurance products has its own benefits at the core of its policy.


Who Should Buy An Insurance Policy?

Among all the financial products and investment options, Insurance is like a basic necessity. Primarily, anyone who has a family to support or liabilities to meet, if not today, maybe in future, must buy an Insurance Policy to safeguard against unexpected future risks and monetary losses. In India, people still buy insurance primarily as a tax saving option or as an investment product. Every product or life carries a certain economic value which has to be protected or guaranteed as much as possible from future risks. Be it a working professional, a businessman, a housewife or a child, insurance is equally important for all. Therefore, selecting the right insurance product and buying the adequate insurance value becomes very critical. And that’s where Raghunandan Money gives you expert insurance advice.


Reasons to Invest in Life Insurance Products?

Every person on the planet faces two risks in life:

• Dying too early : if you die early, what will happen to your family?

• Living too long : if you live long, you need funds to support your cost of living and other expenses.

Buying Life Insurance is required mainly to:

Ensure that your family and dependents have some financial support in the event of your demise

Take care of your children’s education, higher education, marriage and other needs

Have a savings plan for the future or a source of income even after your retirement

Ensure that you have some extra amount in situations like serious illness, accident, etc.

Arrange for future financial contingencies and in some cases your lifestyle requirements also

Save money from income tax as per the IT Act


What Insurance Policy Should You Buy?

When you plan to invest in Insurance products, the first key question is what insurance should you buy? You should protect yourself against the unforeseen circumstances which you believe would be posing bigger risks to you. Some insurance products which are becoming kind of necessity these days are: Term Insurance, Accident Insurance, Health Insurance, Pension Plans, etc. While Life Insurance and some types of accident and Health Insurance are offered by Life Insurance Companies, Property Insurance, Health and Accident Insurance are offered by Non-Life Insurance Companies (also known as General Insurance Companies. The Insurance Policy that you buy must meet your requirements today and tomorrow.

This means you must first identify what your needs are, your liabilities, your future aspirations, financial requirements, risks and what you expect from the Insurance Policy. You must choose your Insurance Policy depending on which life-stage you are in, and your aspirations for the future. It will differ based on whether you are about to start a family or you have growing children with education needs or you are at a later stage of career willing to plan for your retirement.

You should also buy a health insurance policy preferably early during your youth and ensure that you are continuously covered. While Third Party Insurance for your motor vehicle is a statutory requirement as per the Motor Vehicles Act, it is advisable to buy a Comprehensive Policy that covers your vehicle against own damage as well. Protecting your house and contents against the risks of fire and flood will secure your hard-earned savings too. But overall whatever Insurance Policy you are buying, start early. The earlier the better.


How & Where Can You Buy Insurance?

There are more than 20 Insurance Companies dealing in each of General, Life and Health Insurance products. These companies have different products, plans and schemes. What makes it even more complex is that you also have the option to combine multiple Insurance Policies or benefits (known as rider) on your basic Insurance Policy.

This makes Insurance a very vast and complex subject. Hence when buying an Insurance Policy, you need to assess your needs, your profile, insurance company, the product and very importantly compare the different Insurance Companies and products so that you pick the right one for yourself.


All Insurance Products on A Single Platform

When you come to Raghunandan Money to buy an Insurance Policy, be it Life Insurance, General Insurance or Health Insurance, you are coming to the Insurance Supermarket. Rather than offer products of just one or two insurance companies, we bring across products of all Insurance Companies in India on a single platform.We also help you to invest in the right insurance product based on your profile and requirements, and then help you to get it at the right price.As your one-stop Insurance Broker, we are with you during the entire lifecycle of your Insurance Policy – right from the time you invest in an insurance product, to facilitating policy servicing, premium payments and even claim servicing.

  • Winner of Times of India Winner of
    Times of India Brand Excellence Award 2015
    in Financial Services
  • Winner of Commodity Broker of the Year award in 2017 & 2018 by MCX Raghunandan Money Awarded
    Leading Member in Futures for FY
  • Top 5 Volume driving Brokerage Houses Raghunandan Money Awarded
    Leading Member in Futures for FY
  • Winner of Krishi Pragati Award 2017 Raghunandan Money Awarded
    Leading Member in Options for FY

With Over 50,000 Happy Customers and Counting more...

  • Ravi AgrawalBusinessman, Popular Cycle, Agra

    "We got our store “Popular Cycles” in Agra insured through RMoney. The services are commendable as we got the claim without any trouble when the store was damaged during a heavy storm. RMoney Insurance provides the best services among all the insurance brokers and agents in Agra."

  • Hemant JainAlgo Trader, Vaishno Pvt. Ltd., Agra

    "Express claim settlement, supportive staff, polite and active customer care, what else do you expect from a good insurance broker. Highly appreciative services delivered by RMoney Insurance."

  • Binit KumarSenior Manager, Shilpy, Delhi

    " I contacted RMoney for getting the claim when my son was hospitalized. They responded quickly to my initial claim request and with a few hours I got the claim amount without any trouble. The best part was my involvement was least in the entire process and everything was handled by them."

  • Anshu AgarwalAlgo Trader, Vaishno Pvt. Ltd., Agra

    "RMoney has a good and timely claim settlement. All I had to do was contact them once when I needed my mediclaim, all the pain and procedure was taken care of by the executives at RMoney. Extremely happy with the services."


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  3. Benefits:
    1. Effective Communication
    2. Speedy redressal of the grieva`nces



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