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  • Introduction to Derivative Market28 August 2017

    Derivatives are tradable products whose price is based upon another market. Derivatives are security, whose value based upon other more basic underlying variables. In recent years, derivative security has become increasingly important in the finance field. Futures & Options are now actively traded on many different exchanges. Forward contracts, swaps and many different types of options are regularly traded outside the exchanges by financial institutions and their corporate clients in over-the-counter markets. Other more specialized derivative securities often form part

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  • Learn what are Futures and Options Contracts?28 August 2017

    Futures and Options are Derivative instruments. These instruments are traded on the stock exchange. Derivative instruments have no their independent value. The value of these instruments is derived from the value of the underlying asset. The underlying asset could be Securities, commodities, and currency, the value of the future contract varies with the value of an underlying asset. What is Futures Contract? A Futures contract is a contract which conveys an agreement to buy and sell a specific amount of

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