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What plays a crucial role in deciding your financial success is choosing the right investment advisor and planner, and following the right market research. Research and Financial Advisory Services are the first steps towards acquiring the best value for your hard-earned money. However, not every research gives you the desired results. So what should you do?

Spare few seconds and take this test. Answer the questions below and see how honest your research reports are to your investments.

  • Research reports are generally so lengthy & complicated that you don’t have the time and patience to go through it.     Yes / No
  • You want simple and easy-to-understand personal investment advice.     Yes / No
  • Trading calls and expert personal investment advice is generic and not specific to your investment needs.     Yes / No
  • Every personal financial planner and investment advisor claims that their research and investment advice is good but no one gives proof of it.     Yes / No


If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the 4 questions above, Raghunandan Money (Rmoney) invites you to a whole new world of research and easy-to-follow expert investment advice that adds value to your investments and builds your wealth. At Raghunandan Money, research is not about getting you puzzled into jargons, do data crunching or keeping you glued to charts but something which puts an end to all your investment-related searches. Your search for the right investment advice ends here. Leave all the technicalities and hard work to a personal financial planner and investment advisor at Rmoney,, and we will help you build your wealth with our Award-Winning services.

Never Miss a Golden Investment Opportunity

Our Research Desk makes an extensive coverage of products from Equities, Derivatives, Commodities, Currency and IPO, and leaves no scope to miss an opportunity in the market. Not just that, we also bring a snapshot of global markets and how it is going to impact our own markets, which helps you sync your investment decisions with the market movements.

Stay Ahead of the Market

We deliver our Research Reports and Investment Advice through SMS, WhatsApp & e-mail, as well as on our trading terminal on real-time basis. Opportunities seldom stay for a long time and hence making our investment advice reach you at the earliest is always our prime focus. We call it staying ahead of the market.

Easy-to-Use Investment Advice & Market Data

All trading calls, Investment Advice and Research Reports get published on our website under the ‘Research’ section. For those of you who like brushing up their knowledge in the financial world, Raghunandan Money has a unique “Do your own research” section. It is an assimilation of advanced tools and truckloads of historical financial data, presented to you in a simple way. All you have to do is enter your desired criteria and rest of the job will be done automatically. You will get the research reports on the basis of the filters given by you.

Do visit the knowledge sharing sections below:

  • Research – Find out all our latest calls and research on a real-time basis
  • Market data – Explore historical data and get as much information as you want
  • Do your own research – Do your choice of research in a few clicks
  • Be informed – Know all about our new updates and information related to markets and services

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