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Indian Economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world & it is said to be emerging as the third largest economy in the world by the year 2030. A country’s stock market is a reflection of the economy and hence India’s stock market is all set for a big boom. Are you ready to take part in this growth?

At Raghunandan Money, we understand that Stock Markets appear slightly complex to those who are new to Equity Trading, hence we aim to simplify things and make investing in share market easier, simpler & more rewarding. We conduct training programs to handhold you into the stock market & make you learn the intricacies. If you are already into share trading, our support system works from a different angle. For those who know stock trading, we have plethora of tools like Research calls, Research Reports, Wealth Building Ideas, Technical Chartings, Portfolio Advisory, Strategy Based Trading & more to give an edge to your investments.

What is a Share?

The word share in literal sense means a part or a fraction & in financial world, a Share is defined as a single unit of ownership of a company. So it is a kind of ownership over the company for which you own the shares. While owning shares of a company does not mean that the shareholder has direct control over the business's day-to-day operations, but it does entitle you to an equal distribution in any profits, if any are declared in the form of dividends.

Whenever a company is formed & listed on a stock exchange, the company issues shares for general people to buy or sell at the exchange. There are two ways you can buy shares: 1) When the company is issuing the shares you can buy it directly from the company by subscribing for an IPO (Initial Public Offer) or FPO (Follow on Public Offer). But this buying can be done only when the company is issuing the shares; 2) You can buy any time from the stock exchange.

For selling the shares, there is only one way which is Stock Exchange.

Why should you invest in Share Markets?

When you have surplus funds, you wish to save the money for future. You very well know that keeping money idle will actually erode the value of your savings as inflation & cost of living will go up day by day. Hence you put your money at places where you get some additional benefits or returns on your investment. These Investment options are Bank Deposits, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Gold, Silver, Shares etc. Numerous studies have concluded that shares (or equities) are one of the best long-term investments among all the investment options available. Time and again, they have outperformed government bonds, corporate bonds, gold, silver, property and many other asset classes. At a time when your bank deposit’s interest is hardly able to beat inflation, looking for greener pastures of investment is inevitable before you. When you put your money in equities you actually not only diversify your assets/ portfolio, but expect higher returns and to outpace inflation. Though investing in shares (or equities) does carry an element of risk but if invested periodically, carefully and regularly, the risk gets averaged out over a longer period of time. At Raghunandan Money, we assess you risk profile & give you tailor made investment plans which propel your share market investments.

Investing in share markets has three-pronged benefits

  • 1. Capital Growth: You buy stocks and over a period of time the price goes up and that ways the value of your invested capital also increases. This is the most desired reward that everyone eyes for while getting into equities. If Equity is new to you, do remember to go for good stocks of the companies with strong fundamentals and invest for a larger time frame. Not understanding stocks doesn’t mean you avoid them, just cherry pick the good ones and keep watching. You eventually would learn the markets on your own. Till then, Raghunandan Money is there to help you & guide you on your road to equity investing.
  • 2. Annual Income: Most companies offer you annual income in the form of dividends which are paid once or even twice in a year. Dividend is paid when the company is profitable and has good financial performance, hence wants to share certain part of the profit with the shareholders. If you follow the mantra of cherry picking good stocks for longer time period, you have a higher probability of earning dividends.
  • 3. Speculation Income: Speculative trading is for experts who understand markets and also have higher risk tolerance levels. Raghunandan Money has exclusive Research Team to spot the best of trading opportunities & gradually make you learn the techniques of trading.

How can you start investing in Stock Markets in India?

In India, Trading in stock markets in only in electronic form. No Physical share trading is done. If you wish to invest in stock markets, you need to have a Demat & Share Trading Account with a stock broker. For opening a Demat & Trading account, PAN Card is the most basic & mandatory requirement.

If you wish to start share trading, all you need to do is just give us a call or drop us a message. Our executives will get in touch with you to complete the formalities required for you to open a share trading account. You will require to give some KYC documents like PAN Card, Identity Proof, Address Proof, Bank Proof & Photographs. You will have to fill & sign up the Account Opening Form and that’s it. You will receive a welcome call, welcome mail & welcome letter from Raghunandan Money informing the details of your demat & trading account and instructions on how to use it. What’s more, our executives will be there to give you a product demonstration and also will help you just in case if you wish to buy or sell over phone.

Who can invest in Stock Markets in India?

An Equity Trading Account with Raghunandan Money can be opened & operated by an Individual, Resident or NRI, HUF, Trust, Corporate. The account owner has to be 18+ yrs of age and necessarily have a PAN Card.

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