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The Anatomy of A Great Stock Day Trading

Published : August 18, 2020

learn stock day trading

Do you also belong to the category of people who buy stocks on the advice of their family and friends and then end up holding that stocks for days, months, or years to make quick money?

If you are a beginner in stock trading, the best way to go around is by starting as a day trader. In order to achieve success in intraday trading, you must be aware of some simple yet useful tips and tricks that will help you sail through the stock market.

But before we move into the details, let us first, in brief, understand what day trading means.

What is Day Trading?

Day Trading, as the names suggest, is the buying and selling of stocks on a single trading day. Let us understand this with the help of an example.

Suppose you purchased 100 shares of Reliance Industries Limited in the morning, you will be in a selling position by the end of the trading day or say by the time market closes. On the next trading day, you can start from the very scratch. This is the basic principle, and the easiest way to understand what day trading implies.

There is a misconception among new traders that stock day trading is an easy and quick way to make profits from the stock markets. However, this in itself is not true. If you want to earn good profits as a day trader, you will have to invest a great amount of your time in studying and understanding the market.

Popular Day Trading Strategies:

There are a number of day trading strategies and techniques that can be used by traders to make quick money from the stock market. Irrespective of what strategy is in use, it is essential for you to have accurate data regarding the same before you place the trade.

Here is a list of popular day trading strategies you can choose from:

  • Swing Trading
  • Scalping
  • Trading Zones
  • Arbitrage Trading
  • Trading on Volume
  • Utilizing news
  • A simple day trading exit strategy

Tips to Succeed in Day Trading:

There are few trading trips and skills that can help you stay on track and generate a good amount of returns from day trading. Always note that discipline plays an essential role when talking about stock trading.

The tips you can follow to succeed in day trading are as follows:

  1. Discipline: The key to success in day trading is attaining the benefit of stop-loss. Stop-loss facilitates a trader to sell the stock ones it falls below a certain price. Make sure to be aware of the loss you can bear before you enter the trade.
  2. Skills: Trading is nothing but a skill that can be attained and polished with time. When starting day trading it is essential for you to not only understand what is to be done but also to understand what you should not do. Most of the people end up buying the stocks at a wrong point of time. A skilled trader is smart enough to judge the correct time to buy and sell a stock.
  3. Planning: Just like in any other field, planning plays an important role in stock day trading as well. You need to identify a few stocks and focus on them if you want to succeed as a day trader.
  4. Capital Amount: Traders who have a capital of at least Rupees 2 lakh can trade and expect a meaningful gain through day trading. Though you invest your money make sure that the amount of capital you are investing is neither borrowed nor is a part of your core savings. You can trade with less, but keep in mind that volume plays an important role.
  5. Supply-Demand: In order to make profits from your day trading, make sure that you are aware of the demand and supply of the individual stocks. If the number of shares that are available for sale are more, it is advisable in such a case not to buy the stock. Note that as a trader you cannot simply rely on the bids to find out if the sell quantity for a stock is more or the buy quantity of the stock is more. Indulge in carrying out a technical analysis as it will help you better analyze the supply and demand of an individual stock.

Stock day trading is nothing but generating small profits from multiple trades. This strategy of doing multiple traders will help you generate desired profits.

The other way through which the day traders can make profits is by not indulging in every trade and by waiting for the right time to trade.

As a trader, you can use only 50% of your money while going for day trading and can keep the remaining 50% of your money as a backup. If you are a beginner who is still gaining experience, try not to opt for margin trading. Keep in mind that day trading is not a quick way to get rich overnight hence take calculative decisions after proper analysis before buying or selling a stock.


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