Popular customers FAQs on Raghunandan Money Zero Brokerage Plan, why its helpful?

For any business ‘customers are king’, and we at Raghunandan Money value our customers most. Having a happy customer is worth more than having a large customer base but with a high level of unsatisfaction. So, we have jotted down the most frequently asked questions of a new customer to Raghunandan Money. These popular customers FAQs will help you understand us a little better and aid our bonding stronger.

1. What is Raghunandan Money and how old this company is?

RMoney or Raghunandan Money is a 15-year-old broking house. RMoney is completely in retail broking space and offers a multitude of financial services to Indian retail clients. Raghunandan Money was incorporated in 2004 at Agra, India. The financial products that the company offers include, online stocks and commodities broking, full-service broking, mutual funds, IPOs, insurance products, bonds and corporate FDRs.

Raghunandan Money owns membership of a host of regulators and financial platforms like, NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, and CDSL. It has a very strong presence in Northern India and is among top 5 commodities brokers in India. We allow low-cost online trading and investment platform. The company offers two brokerage plans which are unique in itself. They are zero brokerage pan and the happy service plan.

2. I never heard of Raghunandan Money before so why I open an account with you?

Unlike other brokers in the space, Raghunandan Money believes in strengthening the relationship with the customer. A happy customer is worth more than having just a customer, so hardly do offline advertisements. This might be the reason for not to hear about us. Once you associate with us, you will realize what you had missed so far.

Even before becoming our customer, you can use some of our services for free to look into how we care and help our customers prosper. Moreover, the best part is you can use such services for free. Also, keep in mind that most of the other brokers do offer such services either only to their registered clients and/or charge money for such services.

Furthermore, we have designed our offerings in such a way that our clients must always remain in a win-win situation. Not only our zero brokerage plan is very attractive with no other hidden charges, but also you can customize our full-service brokerage according to your needs.  

The professionalism in the core team of every department in the organization is so strong that even a single complaint of any customer, despite his/her size of the operation is taken very seriously. The taskforce for any such complaints about any of the departments redresses clients issues within no time.

To summarize,

List of reasons to join Raghunandan Money India

  • 50000+ Happy customers
  • 250+ PAN India Presence
  • The third year in a row, Raghunandan Money wins the Commodity Broker of the year “2016-2019 from MCX Exchange.
  • Winner of prestigious NCDEX Krishi Pragati Awards’ 2017 from Ram Vilas Paswan
  • Winner of prestigious Times of India Brand Excellence Award’2015 in Financial Services.
  • Although we are best in technology however strongly believe personalized advise is very important to be successful as Investor in share market. For this, we have designed our system.
  • Account opening and lifetime demat AMC is absolutely free.
  • 45 days money back guarantee for an advance brokerage with no question asked.
  • When it comes to cost we are the lowest in the Industry.
Hence by Joining Raghunandan Money, you get the Highest technology, personalized trained advisor and lowest cost.

3. What are the brokerage charges of Raghunandan Money?

If you an investor and take delivery of stocks, you do not have to pay any brokerage to us. No hidden charges in this and brokerage on delivery are completely free.

For intraday trading, you have to pay only 0.01% of the transaction value. Moreover, we have put an upper limit on brokerage that you pay us on every executed order. And the maximum brokerage you need pay is just INR 18 per executed order.

When you trade in the future and option segment you need to pay flat INR 18 per executed order, irrespective of the quantity of your trade. Thus, like intraday trades, INR 18 is the maximum brokerage we charge per executed order. Also, if the order is not executed, we won’t charge any brokerage on that.

Please keep in mind that unlike other discount brokers who charge clients on a fixed package of brokerage for monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, our intent is to charge on the use of services basis. In fact, our clients pay only on the services that they use and not for the whole package, thus saving a lot on this front.

4. Is there an annual maintenance charge for the demat account? What are your account opening charges?

Currently, we do not charge any money either for account opening or maintaining your demat with us. Raghunandan Money provides lifetime free demat AMC scheme to all its clients. Also, we are providing a 100% free account opening. The demat account charges are completely free. 

5. How long it takes to activate the account? What Documents are required?

In normal case, it takes less than 24 hours to activate an account, after receipt of the duly filled application form with copies of relevant documents attached. In the worst case scenario, it won’t take above 48 hours. The worst case may occur due to signature mismatch, or missing/incomplete documents and etc.

The requirement of documents for account opening with us is more or less the same as that of any other broker. You need to fill the Raghunandan Money’s account opening form and duly sign it. Your application might get rejected during the compliance check. So you need to be extra cautious while filling the application form. All information in the form must be correct and it should be in accordance with the supporting documents.

You will need to provide your documents for proof of your Identity, proof of your address, and a poof of income. Proof of income is a document mandatory when you trade in any derivatives segment. Besides, you will need to submit a copy of canceled cheque as a proof for your bank account and one passport size photograph.

Thus, in our case, the account opening is paperless and takes less than 24 hours to activate the account. The documents required for opening the account includes –

  1. Identity proof
  2. Address proof
  3. Proof of income (mandatory when you sign in for trading in any derivatives segments)
  4. Copy of a canceled cheque as a proof of your bank account
  5. One passport size photograph

6. What is your pay-in/payout system and how long it takes to update funds?

You can add funds to your trading account with us in two ways. Either you can do online transfer or you can pay through your own bank cheque. Please note that we do not accept third party cheque. The cheque must be from the same account and by the same person, who is holding the trading account with us. Moreover, we also do not do any cash transaction. You can use any of the online transfer methods like NEFT or IMPS or RTGS using your internet banking. You need to remit the funds to Raghunandan Money’s bank account and we will credit your trading account, once we receive your fund. Also, we do not charge anything for both pay-in or payout of funds. Your bank may charge for the same.  

Normally, if you pay through cheque, the amount will reflect in 2-3 days time. But when you remit online through IMPS, it will take 10-15 minutes during banking hours. However, there is a limit on the amount you can remit through IMPS online method. If you do NEFT or RTGS, it normally takes 2 to 10 hours to reflect in your account, if you remit in banking hours. However, in case of holiday or a public holiday or remittance is done after banking hours, your remitted amount will reflect in next working day.

We do online transfer of funds through RTGS/NEFT for all of the payouts. If you have a free and unused balance with your trading account, you will need to raise a request for the same through email, telephone or mobile app, before 12:00/3:00 pm. We will process it on the same day for the payout, to your linked bank account directly.

7. How RMoney Smart, RMoney Active differs from RMoney Quick

Yes, we do provide a trading platform to all our clients free of cost. You can use our trading platform on your desktop, on a web browser or as a mobile application. Our mobile trading app works on both Android and IOS mobiles. You need to simply download our trading app from the play store (Android device) or app store (IOS devices) as the case may be and start trading through it.

Our web-based trading application runs smoothly on any of the popular web-browsers. It is RMoney smart.  You can run the web-app on Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser. It runs smooth and fast on each of these browsers. RMoney Quick is a mobile trading app that works fine on both IOS and Android platform.

RMoney Active Trading Platform is an ideal desktop-based online trading terminal for active traders, speculators, intraday traders & derivatives traders.

8. How can a client check details on daily margins and information on taxes and charges for transactions?

As our client, you can check all details relating to your margins on the trading terminal login and on your mobile app. For, information on taxes and charges that you pay for any transaction through us, you can check contract note/bill for the same. The client can check information on daily margins and other information through the RMoney India Back office Application. 

9. What are the trading limits for intraday and carry forward trades?

We provide the best limits on both intraday trade and carryforward trades. Under zero brokerage plan, we give one time limit on equity delivery. 

Secondly, for equity intraday, we give up to 20 times limits to our clients. Similarly, for equity futures 40 times and for index future intraday trades we provide up to 67 times of exposure. Next, for intraday commodity trading we give 77 times limit. Lastly, for currency future intraday trading we allow up to 100 times limits to our clients.

The leverage we provide to our client depends largely on the frequency of trading done by you. If are a very frequent trader, you are eligible to avail the maximum limit of all the limits set by us. The lower you go with the frequency of trading, we will make adjustment accordingly. The mantra is simple, “ higher the frequency, higher the limit”.

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