9 Things that client should know after they are on-board at RMoney India

Welcome to Raghunandan Money family. You are reading this because you are now one of our esteemed members of the family. I am sure that you would not regret to be part of our growing family. But first things first. You are here to make money. At this outset a piece of free advice. Like any other business, you need to consider your trading and investment as your own business. You should never consider stock market investment or trading as a speculators den. Like you never do speculative things with your other business or job you should never let greed or fear overcome while you trade or do investment. 

Always remember, there is a shortcut to becoming rich. There is no business in this world that is capable of generating extraordinary returns over your investment. And so is the stock market investments. So, always be cautious from people who guarantee to double your money in any one stock investment in a couple of days or any other similar claims. 

Now, after these brief suggestions, let us concentrate on the main intention of introducing this piece of article. The purpose is quite simple. To know us better. In this article, you will come to know where and whom to contact in case of any specific query. We will explain to you in detail all such crucial aspects of connecting with us in different instances. 

9 things our clients must know about RMoney India

  1. Where to contact in case you want to call and trade?
  2. In case you need some support for issues other than trading we have a separate department for that.
  3. You can check all your trading/investment activity at one place and anytime you wish
  4. Need to transfer funds to your trading account? You have plenty of options to do so.
  5. Made profit while trading and need to make a payout request?
  6. How to install the mobile App and Start Trading? (Rmoney Quick)
  7. How to do trading on the browser-based platform? (Rmoney Smart)
  8. How to do trading on the software-based platform? (Rmoney Active)
  9. How to download the various forms from the RMoney India website?

Now let us explore each of these situations in the bellow paragraph.

1. Call and trade with RMoney India

There is a centralized trading desk working 24*7 for all our clients at RMoney India.  If you need to call us to make any trading on investment in stocks, commodities or currency segment of NSE, BSE, MCX or NCDEX, you can do so with the trading desk. What you need to do is to pick up your phone and dial the following number. Our trading desk representative will execute the trade for you after confirming your details with us.

The number for trade and call with RMoney India is –

                     Tel:  0562-4266666  and 0562-7188999

2. Customer care information for support & issues other than trading 

Irrespective of the size of our client trading or investment portfolio, we at RMoney India value all our individual clients at par. So in case you find any kind of issue or seek support in any manner pertaining to other issues then your investment or trading or even if you are facing any challenge with any of our department, we have a separate escalation matrix working in our organization. What you simply need to do is dial a number or mail us and narrate your issue with the representative there. Rest we will take care of that issue internally and will provide you with the solution in no time.

      Contact information for any support & issues other than trading

              Tel: 0562-4266600  0562-7188900 | Email id: askus@rmoneyindia.com

3. How to log into your back-office account with RMoney India?

Raghunandan Money India back-office portal for the clients is a place where you can access all your contract notes and trading and funds related details. This back office portal is a place to check all your trading and investment related details at one place. Moreover, you have the privilege to watch it anytime you want.

4. Need to transfer funds to your trading account? You have plenty of options to do so.

You must be knowing that trading accounts are just like your own account at a bank. If you need to buy something with the help of such trading account you will need to put money to your trading account. You can add money or transfer funds to your trading account through various means. We accept payment through cheques and online payments. We do not accept cash to credit your trading account. So be cautious. You can use any means to transfer funds online viz., NEFT, RTGS, IMPS or Atoms.

5. Made profit while trading and need to make a payout request? 

Raghunandan money allows its clients to make a payout request with any one of the following three modes –

  1. You can mail us to askus@rmoneyindia.com with your payout request. 
  2. Through the back office portal, you can ask for your payout, and
  3. From Rmoney Quick, the mobile trading app, you can raise the payout request.

6. How to install the mobile App and Start Trading? (Rmoney Quick)

Raghunandan Money Quick mobile trading application is from Raghunandan Money. It is free to download & free to use mobile based application. It is available to download for both Android and IOS platform through google play store and apple store respectively. What is appealing here is that you don’t necessarily need to be an RMoney client to use this mobile trading app. With RMoney Quick online mobile trading App, the markets come realtime on your fingertips.

7. How to do trading on the browser-based platform? (Rmoney Smart)

Raghunandan Money Smart trading terminal is a simple and easy to use trading platform. You can access this anywhere anytime on internet browsers of your choice. Whether you are using google chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge or Mac Safari. You can customize the trading terminal layout in the way you wish. Simply drag and drop the part of the trading screen that you want to change and it’s done. There are sections to read time quotes, news, alerts, portfolio watch, basic charts, indicators and a lot more.


8. How to do trading on the software-based platform? (Rmoney Active)

Not one RMoney India provides a mobile and browser-based trading app but also a desktop based is there for more serious traders. Raghunandan Money Active desktop trading terminal is for pro-traders. This is an ideal online trading terminal for active traders, speculators, intraday traders & derivatives traders. Advanced charting, advanced technical analysis tools, news, research, real-time data, your portfolio, you have it all here right in front of you.


9. How to download various forms from the website?

There are 10 different types of form and format for your use available to download. They are –

  1. Segment activation form – This is an activation form for various segments of the market. After joining RMoney India first of all you will need to fill up this form so that various segment that you are interested in can be activated for you before you actually start your trading.
  2. Commodity KYC form If you want to start trading in the commodities segment you will need to fill up this form. This is a common form for MCX, NCDEX, and ICEX.
  3. Trade confirmation consent letter – This form you will require to fill and submit if you need confirmation from our end for all of the trades done at your trading account.
  4. Document do’s and don’t in vernacular language – These documents are translated version of the client registration documents in English and is being provided in vernacular language to facilitate better understanding by the investors. In case of any ambiguity, the contents of the English version would prevail.
  5. Commodity client guidance note – This is a document to know about risks associated with trading in commodities and options in particular. Also, you will get to know about the obligations of members, authorized person, and clients.
  6. Discrepancy form commodity – If there is any discrepancy in the name of your pan card, bank proof, and address proof, you will need this declaration indemnity cum undertaking form.
  7. Discrepancy form equity – If there is any discrepancy in the name of your pan card, bank proof, and address proof, you will need this declaration indemnity cum undertaking form.
  8. Bank verification letter for name mismatch – When there is a name mismatch, you will need to get your name verified with your back. This form will help you do that verification from your bank.
  9. Client guidance note — clients rights and obligations, Do’s and don’t for equity and commodity  
  10. Change KRA form – This form will help in case you need to apply for any updations/modifications (email id/Mob No./Address/Bank Account)

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