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  • The art and science of cherry picking right multi-bagger stocks18 November 2017

    Multi-bagger stocks picking for investment is a mixture of both art and science. It is more towards art in the beginning because many things depend upon your own judgment. Of course, judgment, in this case, is not intuition based, it must be based on some facts and figures. As we move towards finalizing any stock, we get more into science aspect of picking, i.e., search for more relevant information and analyze them. The present blog article is in sequence to

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  • Why having an investment portfolio without multi-bagger stocks is a crime??10 November 2017

    Multi-bagger stocks have potential to overcome losses in your portfolio if any. If you choose a multi-bagger stocks accurately, it results in impressive portfolio return. An investor looking for multiple returns is constantly searching for a stock that might be a potential multi-bagger candidate. However, such investors are mostly seasoned stock market investors. A piece of unbiased advice here!!! Why only seasoned investors? Why not the whole investor community. After all the business of investment is all about returns on

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  • 4 reasons why PSU sector to shine 2017 onward24 August 2017

    PSU sector refers to the sector where the companies are owned by the government of India. Indian stocks of this sector had performed well in 2016 when compared to broader index Nifty. The index measuring the performance of PSU stocks, known as Nifty PSE had generated 18% return while nifty 3% during last year. There are twenty PSU stocks under Nifty PSE index. It’s good that PSUs have outperformed the market in 2016. But why it will also outperform in

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  • 4 NITI Aayog budget 2017 advice to pitch Indian stock market24 August 2017

    Indian stock market has the capacity to discount the effect of the budget on them, prior to any other sector. The bad and the good consequences of budget allocation to vivid sectors reflects in listed stocks of that particular sector. And the recent discussion and suggestions of Niti Aayog hint on the probable allocation of the budget on different sectors. Highlights Government is committed to double farm income and it is positive for agriculture and allied sector Emphasis on rising income

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  • 5 Indian stocks that may hurt due to roll-out of GST23 August 2017

      5 Indian stocks you will love to avoid – post-GST Indian stocks, not all but some, are expected to be affected adversely by GST implementation. Though goods and services tax (GST), may abolish the existing multiple tax structure yet the effect of GST seems to be negative in some sectors. It may uplift the service tax from current 14% to minimum of 18% which may negatively affect service sector, pharma, and wind power. This necessitates avoiding investing in shares of companies in these sectors.

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  • 5 Indian stocks that may benefit due to roll-out of GST23 August 2017

    These Indian stocks you will love to invest – post-GST Indian stocks are expected to be affected by GST implementation. It will help to reduce the cost of raw material procurement and will also have a significant effect on other costs like freights and logistics of the manufacturers. The cost reductions aftermath GST are largely going to benefit companies in organized sectors.  whose consumers are multi state based as well as who manages inventory and production at limited geographies. Bosch

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  • 5 Indian stocks that doubled in 2016 still have upward potential21 August 2017

    Indian stocks that are listed on NSE platform are almost above 1600 in number. Out of it, Punjab National Bank (PNB), Yes Bank Ltd, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (HPCL), DLF Ltd, and Biocon Ltd have outperformed the Nifty-50 last year. The all five stocks have given returns of more than 100% in 2016. Now in 2017 onwards whether these performing 5 Indian stocks will continue to deliver good returns or not is analyzed in the present article. Let us discuss technically the prospects

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  • Top Indian stocks pick by mutual funds – the methodology4 August 2017

    Indian stock pick by studying mutual funds portfolio Indian Stocks pick especially by small retail investors is a tedious work for them. Hence, mostly avoided by them and thus, rely on so-called market pundits for advice every time. However, with little knowledge of the internet and working on excel, any retail investor can pick stocks which may generate a good return. Also, they can time for the proper exit with little or no loss, in case whenever the market goes

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  • Borosil fine dining – will stock boost shareholders wealth3 August 2017

    Borosil Expansion will add-on to shareholder’s wealth In 2016 Borosil was in news for two reasons. The company had bought back its share and subsequently reduced its equity by 6.96 lacs. Secondly, it acquired Hopewell Tableware in January 2016. On one hand, equity reduction suggests that management is quite an efficiency in running the business. While on the other, acquisition of a new business vertical is suggesting for the decade-to-decade continuation of business expansion since inception in 1962. Read the

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Filing Complaints on SCORES (SEBI) – Easy & Quick

  1. Register on SCORES Portal (SEBI)
  2. Mandatory details for filing complaints on SCORES:
    1. Name, PAN, Address, Mobile Number, E-mail ID
  3. Benefits:
    1. Effective Communication
    2. Speedy redressal of the grieva`nces



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