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Market intelligence for non-intelligent investors – 10 basic rules of investing

Published : March 14, 2018

Market intelligence for non-intelligent investors - 10 basic rules of investing

Market intelligence for non-intelligent investors is the topic which I was considering to address since long. This is not because I am the most competent person to discuss the subject matter. But because when I talk even to someone with the domain knowledge, they also have lots of confusion when it comes to basics of investing. When it comes to investments, even the most un-knowledgeable becomes the matter experts. However, we should not forget that investing is an art as well as science. And needs to know various investment products along with human needs in the different situation. Unlike food, water, and air, we need a proper stream of money lifelong, in order to survive. And hence, we can’t take investments casually. 

Market intelligence may relate to stock market intelligence, financial market intelligence or equity market intelligence. Now the question is what is market intelligence. Before understanding the concept of market intelligence, let us understand the meaning of intelligence. The famous scientist Stephen Hawking sayings best suits our purpose of understanding intelligence. And in this contest market intelligence are instrumental in making us capable to adopt the optimal perspective of investments suited to our need.

Market intelligence for non-intelligent investors - INTELLIGENCE IS THE ABILITY TO ADAPT TO CHANGE

Meaning of market intelligence

In the context of investments, market intelligence means information relevant to various financial products. We need to gather and analyze pieces of information specifically for the purpose of accurate and confident decision-making. Decision making to determine strategy in areas such as investment opportunity, choosing right investment instruments, and timing such investments. Here timing means when to buy or sell any investment products

10 basic rules of investing which everyone should know

  1. Decide your financial goal – what are your long term and short term goal
  2. Analyse risk factors – How much risk you can take, no risk, high risk, low risk or medium risk
  3. Decide on expected returns – Analyze that whether you want a fixed return or variable return based on your risk horizon
  4. Compare risk vs returns – Higher risk higher return, analyze your risk appetite before selecting an asset for your portfolio
  5. For how long you need to be invested – You want to invest in a short period or long period and what would be your financial needs of future
  6. What are the various asset class available to you – Analyse various category of the asset class with their characteristics
  7. Do allocation in the right asset class – include right proportion of debt and equity in your portfolio
  8. Is it right time to invest – know the market trend – Know about the uptrend, downtrend and sideways trend in the market before jumping in the market
  9. Do you need to diversify your investment – Diversify your funds to enjoy some safety and add variety to your portfolio
  10. Make yourself financially literate – know where your money is going and what return you will get out of it

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