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Mastering your online trading app screen – here lies the future

Published : September 12, 2018

Mastering your online trading app screen - here lies the future

We are living in industry 4.0 era where every nook and corner of our world is going online and mobile. It is true for the trading and investment world of finance domain as well. So it is high time that you make use of an online trading app for all your trading and investment processes.

Anyone can initiate trading on mobile. The only requirement is that he or she must have a trading and bank account. The bank account must be linked with the trading account.

However, before initiating mobile trading with any instrument it is mandatory to have sufficient stock market knowledge. Knowledge about the process and uses of the latest technologies so as to keep track of the share market updates and stock trading process.

Moreover, technology is to assist us in making our work easier and simpler. Right from the open-out-cry system of manual trading to the facility of the mobile app for trading all are the gift of technology. Earlier trading and investment was possible for only a handful of people. However, now technology had put the trading and investment system inside your handheld mobile devices and inside your personal computers.

If you think a little bit you will find a lot of benefits for mobile and online trading app systems. I am enlisting a few important ones here in this blog for you –

1. You can keep all your trading and investments at fingertips

If you are serious about shares trading, then you must keep every piece of information at your fingertips. Here the mobile and online trading app can do this for you and that too with ease. Innovative approaches and advancements are an integral part of mobile and online trading apps. These apps had made the trading so convenient that you can try your luck in the stock market without much difficulty. Hence, it is a very good idea to examine the idea of getting the best mobile and online trading app.

2. Both mobile and online trading app systems are more efficient than their earlier counterpart

With both mobile and online trading app you can trade with high efficiency. You can manage the products or assets at whatever time with operational and navigational mechanisms. Most such trading app is enabled for multi-tasks to operate different accounts concurrently.

3. With your mobile trading app, you can trade on the go

One of the marvelous privileges of using the mobile app is that you can trade on go. You can do trading or investment on the go and from wherever you want. This enables you to make the buy or sell at the choicest time. Every second in the stock market is quite valuable, the mobile app helps much in executing the trades at the right time.

4. Both mobile and online trading app is safe and secure

Both mobile and online trading app never endangers security and safety relating to trading. All your transactions and fund details are securely managed with an encrypted firewall. This assures high-end protection from frauds.

5. The dashboard or the mobile trading app interface is what you need to check

This is so important when you look for the best mobile app for trading. The interface should provide the freedom to operate it with multiple languages and to trade on different stock markets. The app should be also customizable so that the end user can customize the same to better match with the trading requirements.

6. You can always seek professional help and that too at your convenience

Reputed stock trading and brokerage firms will have excellent knowledge of different stock trading process and the benefits of using amazing trading platforms and mobile apps. Hence it is really a good idea to get the help of a professional trading firm to make the trading process really successful. They can help you in getting the best mobile app for trading process. Mobile app brings the updates about the stock market to your fingertips to make the right decisions. This assures you with good returns on investment.

Now, it is your time to join the hand with Raghunandan Money who is an upcoming broking house and get the get the online trading portal details to make your stock trading easy and profitable.

Raghunandan Money India online trading platform is a is a web-enabled a user-friendly interface for trading. You can trade across equities, F&O, commodities and currency markets using any standard browsers. RMoney India online trading platform has a lot of functionalities including a rich user interface with easy to use functionalities and advanced features. It provides real-time access to online market information like security or contract information, Best Five, Top Gainers Losers etc.

Orders through the Rmoney India online trading web interface is routed directly to the stock exchanges after necessary order and RMS validations. RMS validations are done through Raghunandan Money internal RMS department for each and every trade executed through the online portal.

Important features of Raghunandan Money Online trading portal –

  • The dashboard provides a user-friendly work environment.
  • As a client, you can use the same URL for both desktop and for your mobile device
  • Your login is highly secure as it needs enhancing two-level authentication. Also, you can get a new password instantly through email in case you forget your password.
  • You can directly place buy/sell orders to the exchange from within the market watch section.
  • You can create highly parameterized and customizable transaction pages along with your detailed profile
  • There are the highest levels of encryption standards for all your monetary transactions to and from your bank account.
  • A tooltip is there to indicate the functionalities and shortcut keys for most common functions.
  • Real-time technical charting facility as well is there in the portal.
  • You can display the exchange status in the status bar and market watch or order entry screens on the login.
  • There is also a provision to display messages and confirmations at the bottom of the main page.
  • Without your permission, no one can access your workstation as there is an auto-lock facility to prevent unauthorized access.
  • There is right-click options available at different levels in the market watch section to access
    scrip/contract related functionalities
  • The portal also supports NSEL auction

Important trading features of Raghunandan Money online portal

Raghunandan Money online trading platform allows you to perform several functions including:

  • Integrated market watch –You can view the real-time online market information.
  • Order entry –You can place buy and sell orders across all market segments for various order and product types.
  • Trade book – The orders that you execute at the exchange along with the execution details such as traded quantity and the traded price is there on the portal trade book link.
  • Order book – The complete details of the orders placed you are also visible there
  • Integrated net position –You can track your net position either contract or security wise.
  • Market movement – Market movement get an update on an hourly basis during any trading session
  • Funds view – You can also view the details of your available funds and utilized funds

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