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  • How Rupee-Dollar exchange rate movements influence the Indian sectors?25 February 2019

    The stock market is an integral part of the economy and doesn’t function in isolation. It is the barometer of a nation’s economic growth and reflects various key factors. Factors such as interest rates, GDP rates, trade policy, and currency movements. Out of these the strengthening and weakening of the Indian rupee have a major influence in the sectors of the economy. Data reveals that over the past decade, the Sensex/Nifty50 and the Rupee-Dollar exchange rate movement have shown a

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  • Do exchange rate fluctuations helps determine the stocks market trend in India? 24 December 2018

    An economy moves in a cycle, also the stock market obeys similar kind of pattern. For economy, there are growth and recission phases. Likewise in the stock market, there is bull and bear phase. For any stock market player, it is very crucial to determine the phase of the stock market. Or what trend it is going to follow in the near future. Forthwith, there are indicators to convey a sense about the phases of the stock market. Furthermore, some

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