Why do you need to know the remarkable ADDvantage referral program?

The client referral program by Raghunandan Money India is the ADDvantage program. The program is simple and straightforward, not only in understanding but also in operation. These FAQs on ADDvantage program is meant for anyone who is willing to associate with us through this program. So go through these FAQs before you plan to associate with us. Further to this if anything bothers you, you are welcome to contact us. We will make every single query relating to our ADDvantage program clear to you.

The following FAQs is grouped in three sub-section for convenience. Firstly, we start to answer basic questions relating to the ADDvantage program. Secondly, we move to discuss some frequently asked questions on the benefits of this referral program. Thirdly, we explain all queries relating to the working of the program. And lastly, you will get to know information on any of your further queries on ADDvantage.

The ADDvantage program

1. What is the ADDvantage Referral Program?

ADDvantage is a unique client referral program from Raghunandan Money. Here the clients become the brand ambassador of the company and take centre stage. Here they act like a celebrity and the spokesperson of RMoney India. As such, there is no basic educational qualification needed to participate in the program. Furthermore, there is no investment from your end is required to make you eligible to participate.

Please note that the ADDvantage program is a client referral program. If you participate in this program you will get monetary benefit out of it. There are no other benefits associated with this program. Like you do not be considered a business associate of the organization by merely referring clients to us. Likewise, there is no provision for product training at our end. Also, there is not any requirement for registering with regulators like SEBI, etc.

2. Who is this program open to? Whom can I refer?

The program is open to any resident of India who is looking for investing in Indian stocks, shares trading, IPO investing, investing in mutual funds, trading in commodities and wealth creation. You can refer to your friend, colleague, family members and one who is looking for any one or all of the above services with quality.

Further, please note that it is not necessary to be an RMoney client first then only you can refer anyone in order to get ADDvantage benefits. Even if you are not RMoney’s client, you can take benefits of ADDvantage program, by referring clients to us.

3. How long will the ADDvantage program run?

ADDvantage is an ongoing client referral program. We do not have any plan to close it soon. We have designed ADDvantage in such a way that all stands in a win-win situation. You, friend, family or colleague get a lifetime free account and you will earn referral incentives. At the same time, we get a valued client.

4. Is there a limit to how many referrals I can provide?

No there is no limit on the number of references you can make. You can make as many references you can.  However, you should remember one thing that only verified leads qualify for benefits under the ADDvantage program. 

The ADDvantage program benefits

5. How much can I earn?

When you refer to any friend or family members to us, you will get the benefit of this unique referral program under ADDvantage. With every verified referral, you will get INR 50. Even if your referral does not open an account with us, you will get this benefit. The only condition is that the referral should be correct.

Further, to this, if your referral opens an account with us and associates with us, you will get an additional benefit. You will receive INR 250 for every new account opening through your reference.  Additionally, we will also share 10% of brokerage for every trade initiated by your reference account holder. 

Let us understand this with the help of a hypothetical example. Let us suppose you refer 10 people per month for the next one-year period. Thus, total referred people by you in the year-end is 12*10 = 120. So your total earning after one year will be 10*50*12 = INR 6000. Now assume that all of them also opened an account with us. So you earn 10*250*12 = INR 30000.

Further to this, now assume all of them also did some trading or investment through us. For simplexity assume each of them generates INR 1000 brokerage each month. So you will earn (1000*10%)*12*10 = INR 12000 per year. So by just taking out some time and referring regularly people to us, you can make INR 48000 per year.

RMoney India Refer & Earn program

Category Amount No of Person Referred No of Month Total Earning Total Earning
Verified referral 50 10 12 6000
Referral open account 250 10 12 30000
Brokerage sharing@ 10% 1000 10 12 12000
Total Amount 48000

Thus, by simpling referring you can earn around half a lac of rupee in a year, and this is really a handsome earning. Right!!!

6. When and how will I get paid?

Let us understand this with some illustration. Suppose a client refers to someone under ADDvantage program. That referred client opens an account with us and also did some business on the very first month. Thus, the INR 50 per verified lead and INR 250 for the new account opening the referee will receive. So the person who referred this client will receive his benefits in the next month.

In addition to this, the referee will also get 10% brokerage sharing. We, in general, will pay the advantage commissions on a monthly basis between every 10-15 date of each month.

The working of ADDvantage


7. Will my name be used at all?  

Well, the answer to this is yes and no. Yes, we will use your name to while making a call to the person whom you referred. Besides, we can also use your name while connecting your reference by other means like email, etc.  These are the instances where Raghunandan Money uses anyone’s (the referees) name in case of ADDvantage program.

However, in case, suppose you gave the reference for any prospective client and you want to remain anonymous. This is also possible. In this particular case if you as a referee informed us not to disclose your identity then we will handle it accordingly. We will not disclose your identity to your reference in any situation.

8. How does the ADDvantage referral program work?

There are very simple steps to follow to be a part of ADDvantage referral program of Raghunandan Money. All you need is a smartphone with an internet connection and Whatsapp installed on it. You will need to create a Whatsapp Contact for 7088999666 with the name “RMoney ADDvantage”. Then you will have to type in the Name & mobile number of your reference and submit on WhatsApp number. This, you may do it 24*7 and as many times as you wish.

Further information on ADDvantage

9. Is there a way for me to track the status of my referrals?

Yes, you can track your status for all your referrals. Let us understand this in little detail. Suppose, you had referred 2 clients in January 2019, 1 client in February 2019 and 3 in April 2019, then there is a way that you can track all you referral benefits so far and the pending benefits till now. The mechanism to track referral benefits at your end is straight forward. Simply you need to contact us and we will provide you with every single detail for your referral benefits in no time.

10. What I will do when I will not receive my referral benefits on time?

Though it will never be the case, that there will be any delay in rendering referral benefits to you. However, if there is any query related to referral program or benefits you are always welcome to contact us.  

11. Where can I get more information? Where can I find my referral link?

For more information on ADDvantage referral program of Raghunandan Money, you can sign-up for free. The sign-up button is at the bottom of the page. One of our representatives will contact you in person for further discussion on the same.

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