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  • Mutual Funds

    Learn different types of Mutual Fund Schemes

    Learn different types of Mutual Fund Schemes

    Published : May 21, 2018

    There are various types of mutual fund schemes; here in this article, we will learn the basic and common types of schemes. These schemes are categorized based on their utility and features. Based on maturity period 1. Open-ended Fund: An open-ended Mutual Fund generally available for subscription...

  • Mutual Funds

    What is full service brokerage?

    Know about full-service brokerage in India

    Published : August 31, 2017

    Full-service brokers in India Full-Service Broker refers to stock brokers who offer a large variety of add-ons services besides facilitating buying and selling in stocks. The services may include research reports, advisory, tax tips, a relationship manager, retirement planning and etc. Apart fro...

  • Mutual Funds

    What is discount brokerage?

    What is discount brokerage – a sneak peek

    Published : August 31, 2017

    Discount brokers in India - Who are they? Discount brokerage is a new breed offered by brokers in the stock market in India. We all know that the trend in usage of internet is rising in India. This has resulted in more online investment activities. In order to cater this new trend in the stock ma...

  • Mutual Funds

    How to compare Indian stock brokers?

    How to compare Indian stock brokers?

    Published : August 31, 2017

    Do Compare stock brokers before choosing the best that suits your requirement. Planning to invest or trade in Indian stock? The good decision indeed!!! For this you need brokers. But why a broker? Because a broker facilitates an investor or trade to execute their trade with the exchange. F...

  • Bonds

    Learn the Basics of Bonds in Stock Market

    Learn the Basics of Indian Bond Market

    Published : August 28, 2017

    Introduction of Bonds Being a stock investor you must know about bonds. Bond is the other side of your investment coin; it helps in making your portfolio well diversified. Bond is a debt market instrument; Bond promises to the debt holders to repay the principal along with interest. Some bonds d...

  • Shares

    Learn BSE Stock Classification – A, B, T, S TS & Z

    Learn stock classification before entering Indian stock market

    Published : June 5, 2019

    Stock classification is the process of grouping stocks for ease of understanding. In India both BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange) classifies stocks. More or less the classification of stocks is similar on both platforms. This stock classification was done to handle the...

  • Mutual Funds

    Learn about money market – its concept, meaning and functions

    Learn about the money market – its concept, meaning, and functions

    Published : May 22, 2019

    Money Market is a segment of the financial market in India where borrowing and lending of short-term funds take place. The maturity of money market instruments is from one day to one year. In India, this market is regulated by both RBI (the Reserve bank of India) and SEBI (the Security and Exchan...

  • Shares

    Introduction to Derivative Market

    Introduction to the derivative market in India for beginners

    Published : May 31, 2019

    Derivatives are tradable products whose price is based upon another market. Derivatives are security, whose value based upon other more basic underlying variables. In recent years, derivative security has become increasingly important in the finance field. So it is important to know about the deriva...

  • Shares

    F & O Contract

    Learn what are Futures and Options Contracts?

    Published : August 28, 2017

    Futures and Options are Derivative instruments. These instruments are traded on the stock exchange. Derivative instruments have no their independent value. The value of these instruments is derived from the value of the underlying asset. The underlying asset could be Securities, commodities, and ...

  • Shares

    Learn about the participants of derivatives market - hedgers, arbitragers & speculators

    Learn about the participants of derivatives market – hedgers, arbitragers and speculators

    Published : May 28, 2019

    Derivatives market participants are financial intermediaries that help maintain liquidity in the market. They also furnish depth to the market. We all are familiar with the features of financial markets. Through financial markets banks, corporate and government raise or deploy money to meet their re...

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