ADDvantage – A Unique Client Referral Program

ADDvantage – A Unique Client Referral Program with a Millionaire Opportunity

At Raghunandan Money, we bring you not just profitable investment solutions but also turn your investment into a khushiyon ka investment. In short, we are a delighted and enthusiastic bunch of financial market experts who are spreading the happiness of profitable investments to our clients. And to escalate this happy quotient a few notches higher, we are proudly introducing our unique ADDvantage programme that will enable you to spread khushiyan amidst your families, friends,colleagues and acquaintances. After all happiness is meant to be shared with your close ones, isn’t it?

So what is ADDvantage programme all about?

Well, at Raghunandan Money we keep our clients at our prime focus and trust them as our true brand ambassadors. So when you become our client, you turn into our affiliate and hence, you become our esteemed brand ambassador. Now to take this relationship a step further, we have introduced our unique programme- ADDvantage. Now all you have to do is give your friends and family our reference and we’ll contact them to present our customized products & services in tune with their investment needs & objectives. If they wish so, we would complete their documentation formalities & offer them equity &/ or commodities trading accounts. The clients procured so will be added under your ADDvantage programme.


What do you get in return?

Now each time your friend or family trades with us, you’ll get a share of the brokerage coming to us from their trades. Sounds profit? Wait the story doesn’t end here!

Now the clients added by you too can give referrals of their family & friends, which will benefit to them as it benefited you in earlier case, but additionally you will also get a slice of the brokerage earned from the clients added by your primary clients. Which means you can earn commission on brokerages for upto 2 levels of client referrals. Now that’s for sure an investment khushiyon ka!

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Your family deserves this time more than we do.

Share happiness with your family today & come back soon. We will be right here.

Investment to ek bahana hai,
humein to khushiyon ko badhana hai.


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