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PAN Card Service – Apply for New PAN Card Or Correction to Existing PAN Card

What is PAN ?

PAN is the short form of Permanent Account Number . PAN is a ten-digit alphanumeric number which is allotted by Income Tax Department. The number is allotted in the form of a card which is known as PAN Card. Every individual can have only one unique PAN number/ card. PAN number is a ten digit number where first 5 characters are Alphabets, next 4 characters are numbers & last character is again alphabet. The primary objective to issue PAN number is to make a common identification system to monitor financial transactions that might have a tax impact or result into tax evasion. The PAN number once issued to an individual remains unaffected by change of address throughout India.

What is the use of PAN number ?

PAN Card in general is one of the most widely acceptable Identity Proof and hence it can be used for various purposes like opening a bank account, getting a telephone connection, registration of your vehicle with RTO etc. The PAN number has a list of benefits to the user & there are certain services which can be availed only if you have a pan number. The key advantages of PAN are :

  • Required for making payment of direct taxes
  • Required to file income tax returns
  • Provide PAN number or else TDS is deducted at higher rates in many cases
  • Sale or purchase of an immovable property costing Rs 5 lakh or more
  • Sale or purchase of a vehicle other than a two wheeler
  • Payment to hotels or restaurants an amount exceeding Rs 25,000 at any one time
  • Payment in cash an amount exceeding Rs 25,000 in connection with travel to any foreign country
  • Mandatory for investing in shares, mutual funds, derivatives, commodities etc.
  • Mandatory to quote if making a deposit exceeding Rs 50,000 with bank
  • Payment exceeding Rs 1 lakh for purchase of bullion and jewellery

If you need to understand more on the benefits of PAN, do call or register with Raghunandan Money. Let our advisor get in touch with you & explain you about PAN in detail.

Who can apply for a PAN Card ?

Anybody who earns a taxable income in India, including foreign nationals who pay taxes here, whether a Minor or Major, must apply & get a pan card. If you run a business (be it retail, services or consultancy) that had total sales, turnover or gross receipts of more than Rs 5 lakh in the previous financial year, having PAN card is mandatory for you. For applying your PAN Card, all you have to do is to contact any of the nationwide centres of Raghunandan Money or register with us Online.

How to apply for a PAN Card ?

Though applying PAN card is very simple but because of even small mistakes in form filling or due to the supporting documents submitted, sometimes your PAN Card application gets rejected. Raghunandan Money brings the PAN Card services right at your door step. Leave the complications of the application process on us and you get your PAN Card without any hassles. PAN card application for you is just about making one phone call or registering with us in couple of seconds. We will get in touch with you to facilitate the entire documentation & PAN card application process.

What services does Raghunandan Money offers for PAN ?

Raghunandan Money is your gateway to investments and PAN number is the first thing required as a mandate for majority of investments. Hence, PAN Services are the first point where we let you see our services & competencies. You can apply for PAN Card with us & if you already have a pan card which requires some modifications, we are there to help. You would notice that PAN card doesn’t carry your address, but if your address has changed, ideally you should get it updated in PAN records. People normally don’t get address updation done just to avoid the hassles of paperwork.

Rmoney will help you with PAN card correction such as updating your address. We will do this by filling out the PAN Card correction form.

We can also help you apply for a new PAN card. We will do the paperwork & you will get your new PAN card which will serve as a valid ID for all your financial transactions as well as when you are dealing with government departments.

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