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E Insurance Account

What is an eIA (e-Insurance account)?

eIA is the acronym for e-Insurance Account or “Electronic Insurance Account” which is to safeguard the insurance policy documents of policyholders in electronic format. The e-Insurance account facilitates you as a policyholder in holding your insurance policies in electronic form & providing access to your insurance portfolio at a click of a button. It is similar to the demat account, the different being, Demat account is to hold shares where as eIA is to hold Insurance policies. Each e-Insurance Account carries a unique Account number and each account holder is granted a unique Login ID and Password to access the electronic policies online.

Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority ( IRDA), the supreme body of Insurance business in India, has authorized 5 entities to act as the Insurance Repository at the moment.

  • NSDL Database Management Limited
  • Central Insurance Repository Limited
  • SHCIL Projects Limited
  • Karvy Insurance Repository Limited
  • CAMS Repository Services Limited

Raghunandan Money is registered with Central Insurance Repository Limited and is authorized by IRDA to open e Insurance Accounts for you.

What are the benefits of e-Insurance Account ?

eIA is a relatively new thing in the market and hence people are generally not much aware about it. But the advantages of eIA are very wide.

Convenient Policy Servicing

  • Expertise of Raghunandan Money (Insurance Broker) to advise on your insurance portfolio
  • Contact details updation in all policies in single request
  • Premium alerts & payment reminders for all policies
  • Register or modify bank account details for premium payment and payouts Less paper work

Ease of Investment

  • One time KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • Storage of policy in electronic format
  • No fear of damage or loss of policy certificates
  • All insurance policies under one umbrella
  • Consolidated insurance statement for all policies on an annual basis.

When you open eIA with Raghunandan Money, our expertise & knowledge in terms of being one of the largest insurance brokers registered with IRDA, comes complimentary to you. We help you pick the right policies at the right price and hence investments become more rewarding for you.

Who can open an e-insurance account ?

Anyone whether you are already having insurance polices or not, you can open an eIA. You don’t even require to have a PAN no to open e-IA, unlike demat account. You can open multiple eIA if you wish, though one account itself suffices all your needs.

How can you open an eIA ?

To open an eIA, all you have to do is register with us once. Our advisors will get in touch with you & explain you about eIA in detail. You will require to furnish some basic documents like an ID Proof, address proof, photograph & cancelled cheque as a part of the eIA KYC. We don’t charge anything for opening eIA account and remember, there are no annual charges unlike Demat account. Even all the services that you avail later on in the e insurance account is free of cost. So if it free and brings so much of convenience, what are you thinking for. Call us today to know more & open your e insurance account.

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