Attention: Take Control of Your Finances: Exclusive Free Masterclass on Proven SRE Framework for Stock Trading.

An Exclusive Free Masterclass for Growth Oriented Stock Traders.

During This Ultimate Masterclass:You will be learning:

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Get a FREE copy of my Book "Beyond Basics - Unlocking Hidden Trading Skills" to Master Trading while managing a Full-Time.

Meet Your Mentor

Saurabh Mittal(Founder & Director of RMoney)

Why Learn from Mr. Saurabh Mittal?

Author of a groundbreaking book to master trading while juggling a full-time job

Beyond Basics - Unlocking Hidden Trading Skills

  • Growth Techniques to build perfect trading portfolio.
  • Secrets to develop the psychology of successful trading.
  • Key insights every trader follow for profitable trading.

Who Should AttendIs This Masterclass for You?

This masterclass is designed for a variety of individuals who aspire to enhance their trading skills:

  • Software Developers
  • Data Analysts
  • Product Managers
  • IT Specialists
  • Sales Person
  • Marketing Managers
  • Teachers
  • Engineers
  • Health Sector Executives
  • Lecturer
  • Government Employee
  • Telecom Executive
An Exclusive Free Masterclass for Growth Oriented Stock Traders.

Awards & Winnings

This Masterclass will make youMaster in Stock Trading Right Now!

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Because Saurabh’s Clear and Powerful Growth Techniques will help you to build a Strong Trading Portfolio without making losses.

What Clients Say

  • The stock market always seemed complicated, and my initial attempts were a disaster! I kept losing money, feeling frustrated and confused. Then, I met Saurabh Sir who guided me through SRE Framework. It helped me pick the right stocks, not just any company. Before, I was just guessing. Now, with the SRE Framework, I feel confident in my decisions. Thanks to Saurabh Sir, I'm finally on the right track in the stock market.

    Suraj Sigh’s

  • Every little dip sent me into a panic, and I'd sell at a loss just to avoid feeling worse. Thanks to Saurabh Sir’s SRE Framework, It helped me focus on the bigger picture and take my emotions out of the equation. I stopped making impulsive decisions based on fear. Now, I stick to my strategy and don't let the market swings control me.

    Akansha Talwar's

  • I always felt like I was missing something in the stock market. I'd see good opportunities, but by the time I figured out how to trade them, the chance was gone. Then, the Saurabh Sir’s SRE Framework changed everything. It gave me a system to act quickly and confidently. Now I have a plan, and I follow it!

    Jitendra Mishra’s

Forget outdated Tactics. Saurabh’s game-changer approach transformed my way of stock trading.

Ravi Kumar, Software Developer

This was a real eye-opener!

Every minute felt packed with golden nuggets of practical trading wisdom, not just textbook theory. It's clear this comes from years of experience, the kind you don't get from just reading books. This is exactly what I've been missing to become a successful trader.

An Exclusive Free Masterclass for Growth Oriented Stock Traders.


Who can attend this masterclass? A: This masterclass is designed for full-time employees working in various sectors like IT, education, healthcare, engineering, and more.
Do I need prior trading experience? A: No prior experience is necessary. The masterclass caters to both beginners and experienced traders with its comprehensive curriculum covering everything from basics to advanced topics.
How is this masterclass delivered? A: Learn from the comfort of your home! The masterclass is delivered online through virtual meeting platforms like Google Meet or Zoom Meetings. You can participate using your mobile phone, laptop, or PC.
What topics are covered in the MasterClass? A: This Masterclass will cover the Proven SRE framework. The SRE framework is a simple three-step process by which anyone can start trading on their own.
How much time is required to learn the SRE Framework? A: You have to learn all three concepts of the SRE Framework deeply after that you will be able to start trading.. It depends on whether you will require 3 days, 10 days, or a whole month.
Will I get personalized attention? A: Yes, you can ask questions during the Q&A session with Saurabh Sir at the end of the masterclass. However, personalized advisor access after completion might be limited to those who will join us.