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  • What you need to know on capital market structure in India?26 May 2019

    The capital market structure is a layer of the financial system. Here buyers and sellers interact for dealing in financial securities. In fact, the capital market is sub-part of a financial system. The other part of the financial system is the money market. In fact, the capital market structure provides structural foundations for long-term capital flow in India.  While the money market deals with short-term financing and its counterpart capital markets with the financing of long-term in nature. The primary

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  • Mastering your mobile trading application – expertise in this digital era!17 August 2018

    Mobile trading is made possible in recent years. The advent of technology is making every aspect of life easier. And trading activity is no exception. From an open outcry system of trading to paperless trading and now trading on mobile, all became possible with the aid of technology. Every broking house across the globe is coming up with their own mobile trading application. Further, they also claim them to be the best among the industry. Some are offering such mobile

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  • Market intelligence for non-intelligent – the road to riches7 August 2018

    Financial market intelligence is the situation for everyone to achieve financial independence. No matter whether you are an intelligent or a non-intelligent person. You always have an option to indulge in the situation of financial market intelligence. In fact, this is the road for reaches for you. No road is smooth as we thought for and so the road of riches. You need to work hard to make them smooth. Moreover, when it’s your hard earned money, definitely you need

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  • Derivatives trading in India – examples, strategies and risks11 July 2018

    You can do derivatives trading in India through National stocks Exchange (the NSE), Bombay Stocks Exchange (the BSE) in stocks. Similarly, if your interest is to trade in commodities, MCX and NCDEX are there. The MCX  stands for the Multi Commodity Exchange. While NCDEX stands for the National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange. However, if you are willing to trade in currency, you can do it over NSE-SX, MCX-SX. If your interest is to trade in bonds again it’s also possible

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  • Penny stocks or multibagger stocks – Which one should you own?31 March 2018

    Multibagger stocks with strong fundamentals are hard to find. But it is not impossible to get one for our portfolio. Even penny stocks have the chances to become multibagger stocks.   Everything which is cheap is not necessarily bad. And everything which is costly is also not good. Similar is the case with stocks. Undervalued stocks that are available very cheap, say below INR 10 or so, is not necessarily a bad stock. So it is always good to select

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  • 10 points to know before investing in stocks23 February 2018

    Stocks investing is risky, if you do it blindly. Investing itself by no means a simple process. And for stock investing you need countless considerations and have to manage infinite risks. It is an infinite risk because various sources of risk involved when it comes to investment in a stock. Further, risk comes from not knowing what you are doing. This is rightly pointed out by a legendary disciple of Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet. So as to reduce risks associated with

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  • Is Tata Motors on the verge of turnaround?12 February 2018

    Tata Motors along with other group companies of Tata Sons has seen reshuffling in the management post-Mr. Chandrasekaran outset as group Chairman.  The management under the new leadership has focused exclusively on building talents in the organization. The new team has settled the Docomo row and has also helped divest Tata Teleservices to Bharti. Further, they have moved on steel with their joint venture with ThyssenKrupp. With this, Mr. Chandrasekaran has removed a lot of cross-holding and rolled out a

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  • The art and science of cherry picking right multi-bagger stocks18 November 2017

    Multi-bagger stocks picking for investment is a mixture of both art and science. It is more towards art in the beginning because many things depend upon your own judgment. Of course, judgment, in this case, is not intuition based, it must be based on some facts and figures. As we move towards finalizing any stock, we get more into science aspect of picking, i.e., search for more relevant information and analyze them. The present blog article is in sequence to

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  • Texmaco Rail – Will 2017 be an operational turn-around year?18 October 2017

    Texmaco Rail has seen lots of happening since mid of 2016. All these events result in outlines for an operational turnaround case in Texmaco Rail and engineering ltd share price. Moreover, a series of new projects and investment by Indian railway ministry will also be an add-on to its stable revenue growth. These factors are helping Texmaco Rail share to qualify candidature as an Indian share for long-term investment. The below-mentioned events are expected to help Texrail share price to come

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  • Indian stocks that mutual funds exit from5 September 2017

    Indian Stocks Post Top MF Exits Likely to Correct Indian Stocks holding by individual investors depends on many factors and exiting on proper time is must to reap optimal benefit from such investment. The sample study of top 12 Mutual funds schemes quarterly portfolio reveals that post complete exit, the Indian stocks shows corrections, baring few, and hence should cautiously be handled by investors. For the present study first quarter of FY 2017 was taken as the time period. Indian stocks promise better return among

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