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  • What are the uses of the RBI exchange rate – a brief discussion8 January 2019

    The rupee reference rate published by the Reserve Bank of India has a special place in the economy. This reference rate or the exchange rate is the rate of other currencies against the Indian rupee. The RBI calculates these rates on a daily basis for four currencies in the world. They are the American dollar (USD), the euro (EUR), the British pound (GBP) and the Japanese yen (JPY). The RBI exchange rate is the spot rate and not the future

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  • Union budget – What Indian stock market investor should know about it?7 January 2019

    Union budget is around the corner. Every year, the government announcement of budget sets the tone for the sectoral performance of the economy. In turn, companies revenue get impact from such an announcement. Thus, in short, the union budget does impact retail investor invests in shares. Consequently, knowledge of what is union budget and how union budget works is of prime importance. Especially to the retail investor in India. But before we proceed further in analysing union budget, let us

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  • The basics of Indian stock market investing – a beginners guide 30 December 2018

    Knowing about the stock market lead us to know about how and where to trade stocks of a company. The stock market is a marketplace to deal with the securities and ownership stakes in organization and companies. Here one can buy, sell, trade or issue shares of a company. The companies with public listing trade their shares in the stock market. Thus, it is the collection of markets and exchanges. Here public does buy, selling, and issuance of shares of

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  • Do exchange rate fluctuations helps determine the stocks market trend in India? 24 December 2018

    An economy moves in a cycle, also the stock market obeys similar kind of pattern. For economy, there are growth and recission phases. Likewise in the stock market, there is bull and bear phase. For any stock market player, it is very crucial to determine the phase of the stock market. Or what trend it is going to follow in the near future. Forthwith, there are indicators to convey a sense about the phases of the stock market. Furthermore, some

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  • How to safeguard of risks associated with money market mutual funds investing in India7 December 2018

    No investment originates without any risk. Risk and returns go hand-by-hand. Money market mutual funds are no exception. However, the benefits and kind of investment options that MMMFs furnishes are exceptional. So, here in this blog, I shall be covering in detail around various risks that any investor may face. Risks especially while investing in money market mutual funds. Moreover, I will also keep suggesting ways to mitigate such risks. This will help you minimise your chances of making a

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  • The corporate bond market in India – an investor’s guide19 November 2018

    Before we start talking about the corporate bond market, let’s educate ourselves on “Bond”. What exactly ‘bond’ means and where does this bond word come from? While digging on the history of bonds I came across this. VOC, a Dutch East India Company, was the first company to issue bonds and shares to the general public. A ‘bond’ refers to a fixed income investment in which an investor loans money to an entity. Such an entity could be a corporate

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  • Some important FAQ on demat account opening and demat charges17 October 2018

    There are lots of benefits of holding documents in electronic form than in physical form. And when it comes to matters relating to money then no other option is better than electronics form. In India, you need to open a demat account that facilitates keeping financial assets in electronic form.  So these faq demat account opening demat charges will help you understand the concept in a clear way. Let us start with the most frequently asked questions. FAQ demat account

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  • What is the procedure to open demat account? – the 7 steps18 September 2018

    To open demat account in India needs lots of steps to follow and that too very strictly. The popular name of dematerialization of securities in India is Demat or Dmat. It is a facility for keeping all your financial assets into electronic form. The present blog is for those who are beginning or even planning to enter the stock market in India.  “How can I open demat account?”, “How to open demat account in India?”, “What is the procedure to

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  • 3 Mistakes you must not do while trading online – a guide for novice to expert7 September 2018

    Awareness is the first step towards reforming your trading habit. Yes, most people who trade in the stock market remain unaware about the wrong trading habits. Habits which develops over time is not always good in trading. Thus, making self-aware with such wrong habits is the very first step you must take, especially when trading online. Yes, nowadays online trading in the share market is the best alternative available for many methods. Both investors and traders use the online trading

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  • Term insurance benefits – Pre-secure your loved ones’ future8 August 2018

    What we mean by term insurance benefits, is the benefit from term life insurance or term assurance plan. These insurance plans are taken for a fixed and pre-specified period of time. This period is known as the term plan. Basically, term insurance is a protection insurance plan. It covers only death risk of the one who is taking the insurance. No additional benefit id there with these term plans. However, the yearly premiums are very low as compared to the

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