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  • Some important FAQ on demat account opening and demat charges17 October 2018

    There are lots of benefits of holding documents in electronic form than in physical form. And when it comes to matters relating to money then no other option is better than electronics form. In India, you need to open a demat account that facilitates keeping financial assets in electronic form.  So these faq demat account opening demat charges will help you understand the concept in a clear way. Let us start with the most frequently asked questions. FAQ demat account

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  • What is the procedure to open demat account? – the 7 steps18 September 2018

    To open demat account in India needs lots of steps to follow and that too very strictly. The popular name of dematerialization of securities in India is Demat or Dmat. It is a facility for keeping all your financial assets into electronic form. The present blog is for those who are beginning or even planning to enter the stock market in India.  “How can I open demat account?”, “How to open demat account in India?”, “What is the procedure to

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  • 3 Mistakes you must not do while trading online – a guide for novice to expert7 September 2018

    Awareness is the first step towards reforming your trading habit. Yes, most people who trade in the stock market remain unaware about the wrong trading habits. Habits which develops over time is not always good in trading. Thus, making self-aware with such wrong habits is the very first step you must take, especially when trading online. Yes, nowadays online trading in the share market is the best alternative available for many methods. Both investors and traders use the online trading

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  • Term insurance benefits – Pre-secure your loved ones’ future8 August 2018

    What we mean by term insurance benefits, is the benefit from term life insurance or term assurance plan. These insurance plans are taken for a fixed and pre-specified period of time. This period is known as the term plan. Basically, term insurance is a protection insurance plan. It covers only death risk of the one who is taking the insurance. No additional benefit id there with these term plans. However, the yearly premiums are very low as compared to the

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  • 6 Things to analyze while investing in Indian stocks26 July 2018

    Investing in Indian stocks is rewarding only when you choose stocks properly. Choosing a stock that may fetch a handsome return in future. Further, it is completely dependent on how well you understand the business. The business whose stocks you plan to buy shares in for your own portfolio. You need to select stocks from a wide variety of options. You can choose a stock of a well established mature company like that of Infosys or Tata Steel. This you

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  • What you need to know on financial market in India?22 June 2018

    A financial market is a marketplace for financial products.  Here buyers and sellers interact with each other. They trade in financial assets like equities, bonds, mutual funds, currencies, and derivatives. The price discovery of such financial assets is purely the play of demand and supply of the underlying assets in the market. Thus, the financial market acts as a bridge between those who have access money with those who are in deficit and in need of money. So, through financial market

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  • The journey to 100 billion TCS market capitalization and way ahead5 May 2018

    TCS market capitalization has crossed INR 100 Billion Dollar marks in April 2018. This helps it made it the first Indian company to cross this mark. A hIsToRy. TCS market capitalization history – a brief introduction to the IT giant  Tata Consultancy Services, The TCS came into existence in 1968. And J.R.D. Tata and F.C. Kohli were their founders. TCS headquarter is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. What makes is special is that it is subsidiary of Tata group. And has the operation in more than 46

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  • ASBA – Key points to remember before applying for an IPO17 April 2018

    ASBA stands for “Application Supported by Blocked Amount.” And from January 2016 onward it is mandatory to apply for an initial public offering (IPO) through this method by Securities and Exchange Board of India, the SEBI. The SEBI is the regulator of an IPO in India. ASBA is an authorization to block the application money in a bank account. ASBA is a process of applying for IPO. Here your application allows your bank to hold the subscription amount on your account until

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  • Market intelligence for non-intelligent investors – 10 basic rules of investing14 March 2018

    Market intelligence for non-intelligent investors is the topic which I was considering to address since long. This is not because I am the most competent person to discuss the subject matter. But because when I talk even to someone with the domain knowledge, they also have lots of confusion when it comes to basics of investing. When it comes to investments, even the most un-knowledgeable becomes the matter experts. However, we should not forget that investing is an art as

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  • Trading Holiday 2018 – Commodity13 February 2018

    Find following the official Trading Holiday 2018 for Commodity Segment on MCX & NCDEX

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